Day: 4 May, 2016

In The Trenches | Sheela Writes

In The Trenches

Battling style banality occurs to me on a daily basis.   You’re perplexed?  What on earth is Sheela talking about?  Does the woman genuinely fight with her clothes?  Yes, I do.  Every single day.  I’ve won some, I’ve lost a few, and there’s the occasional amicable ceasefire truce too.  Less the imagery of carnage arises in your minds, I promise that this be a war of words and of thoughts, albeit murderous in nature.  My husband calls it my “fumigating with eyes” mood. THAT “IF LOOKS COULD KILL” MOOD Hahaha.  Sorry, I was just thinking that it’s a look members of my gender are probably more than familiar with. Back to debacles and battles.  Do you ever get the sensation that clothes give lip?  That they talk back, and act all sassy and brassy?  I’m not in the least bit joking.  In fact, I have the oddest impression that, given the chance, my brown top with the spiked elbow pads?  And those new B&W flatform creepers?  The tales they’d spill tell.  Let’s not even mention …