In The Trenches

Battling style banality occurs

to me on a daily basis.


You’re perplexed?  What on earth is Sheela talking about?  Does the woman genuinely fight with her clothes?  Yes, I do.  Every single day.  I’ve won some, I’ve lost a few, and there’s the occasional amicable ceasefire truce too.  Less the imagery of carnage arises in your minds, I promise that this be a war of words and of thoughts, albeit murderous in nature.  My husband calls it my “fumigating with eyes” mood.


In The Trenches | Sheela WritesIn The Trenches | Sheela Writes


Sorry, I was just thinking that it’s a look members of my gender are probably more than familiar with.

Back to debacles and battles.  Do you ever get the sensation that clothes give lip?  That they talk back, and act all sassy and brassy?  I’m not in the least bit joking.  In fact, I have the oddest impression that, given the chance, my brown top with the spiked elbow pads?  And those new B&W flatform creepers?  The tales they’d spill tell.  Let’s not even mention ye olde gingham bustle top or sapphire blue neoprene dress.  Ooh baby.

In The Trenches | Sheela WritesIn The Trenches | Sheela Writes

When you think about it though, everything we act upon in life is generally a result of an internal (or, as the case may be, external) skirmish.

Resign from my “real world” job and blog full-time, or keep going at it part-time?  Sleep in or get up and fix breakfast for those humans I call children?  Pink or red, which shade makes my teeth look brighter and my complexion clearer?  Salad or french fries?  Alright, so the last one was rhetorical but the point is clear.

In The Trenches | Sheela WritesIn The Trenches | Sheela Writes

I realise today isn’t my usual lengthy dissertation but a healthy mix is always judicious in keeping things on the up and up, yes?  Jokes aside, wouldn’t you agree that life as we know it is rife with conflict, both small and mighty?  That every move we make is premeditated upon careful consideration of weighing pros against cons?


Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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10 Replies to “In The Trenches”

  1. Okay Sheela—I’m thinking you had too much wine at lunch—ha ha!
    I have to admit, I’ve never thought about my clothes talking back—they certainly make me feel sassy at times, but I haven’t given them personalities yet. My husband thinks it’s bad enough that I name my car!!
    But again, I am oogling your shoes—your collection is amazing—do you have any boring ones?


  2. As per usual, I adore the fabulousness of it all, shoes, hat, sunnies, trench coat, the whole enchilada. xxx


  3. I have never known anybody to give their clothes more credit than they deserve! Hahaha! I have to say I have never imagined my clothes to be like what you imagine them to be. But anyway, really, really liking the vibes this outfit is giving – very GRLPWR. My favourite parts: the stacked necklaces and those heelsss. I wish I could rock those heels but I’d be too scared about tripping – even on even ground…

    Liyana | Affordorable


  4. As always your posts make me think and you ponder difficult yet real life questions upon us that I have to think about and answer. I agree, there are almost two choices for everything though not all is black and white. Some may be rhetorical questions like you mentioned and some are such easy choices yet we can’t choose – like our outfits for example. But speaking of outfits you chose the best accessories and topper for that bodycon gray heathered midi dress. I love all the olive pieces especially the trench coat and those stunning pointy toe booties which are weapons in themselves hahahaha.


  5. My clothes absolutely talk back. Daily. So do my children. I don’t which I love more. Or dislike most. The clothes or the children. Of course, I jest. But maybe not. Either way, dealing with both always requires coffee. Perhaps that is what I love most…coffee…or at least I require it the most. You look fabulous…as usual. Wonderful post!



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