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Merging of worlds.

When two or four become one.


My starting words just formed the premise for a porn flick.  Sigh.  Completely unplanned, I swear.  These things just happen.  And no, I’m not thinking aloud.  At least I don’t think so.


I’m an ardent fan of The Voice.  Wait, make that an unapologetic groupie.  A groupie who’s faithfully watched all but the first two seasons of this reality show (that’s not my fault though, The Voice wasn’t broadcasted in Borneo when I lived there) and who sadly watched Nick Hagelin go home last night.  I adore the guy but not for the reasons you might think.  True, he’s easy on the eye, multi-talented (ex pro ballet dancer, yo) and appears to be a genuinely nice person.  Besides, which woman doesn’t find a falsetto sexy on a shredded guy?

But that’s not why I’m sorry to see him go.

Integration | Sheela WritesIntegration | Sheela Writes

In the last few episodes, conversations with  Nick (albeit brief) have unveiled an unusually mature and insightful soul.  I’ve been consistently and pleasantly surprised by the nuggets of wisdom he articulates each time a question comes his way.  Last night was no different and forms the basis for today’s post.


That’s what he talked about.

And he made so much sense.  When we think personal and professional lives, most times, the conclusion is that never shall they meet, let alone mix.  And why is that?  Why do we feel the need to separate those two worlds?  Are they really so disparate that maintaining a strict division is the only logical choice?  I’m really not as convinced now.

Integration | Sheela WritesIntegration | Sheela Writes

When I started working with my husband, I was very adamant that our relationship be kept from clients and partners.  For some reason, I thought it taboo to make that detail public.  Four years later and thus far, only the staff and our advertising agency know that Pierluigi and I are married.  He has no issues whatsoever about letting the world know we’re together.  I, on the other hand, am reluctant.

I suspect it has something to do with wanting to be respected based on my own merits and not because I’m the Mrs.  And you know I speak the truth.  So many of us are pre-judged.  Evaluated, compartmentalised and set aside even before we utter a single word.  Isn’t it, therefore, rather expected that I would choose to set boundaries between what stays private and what’s made public, don’t you think?

Integration | Sheela WritesIntegration | Sheela Writes

Lately though, I’ve been wondering if all that secrecy is necessary.  And when I heard what Nick said last night, it made me question my decision even more.

If I’m ever to evolve as a person, should the process not include integration?  Marrying all aspects of what makes me, me?  The personal.  The professional.  The dreamer.  Weaving them into one single unit?

I hate to use the word “holistic” but I believe it behooves me to use it here and now.

Integration | Sheela Writes

Perhaps there’s something to be said about full disclosure.  Strength in being multi-faceted.  In having layers.  It certainly does make for options when it comes to conversation starters.

Would you?

Reveal all, that is?

Sidenote: in the spirit of integration, on a sartorial level, this outfit I’m wearing is a mesh of something vintage (leather patchwork clutch), something new (shoes), of something thrifted (jacket and shirt), and something gifted (ring).

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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  1. robjodiefilogomo says

    My husband & I worked together—of course it was my office, so he was the Mr (as you put it) and we never hid it. At least in our scenario, I think patients liked the fact—the truth is, i’m not good at lying/not telling the truth. I have a hard enough time remembering the details when they are real!
    As usual, I’m loving the shoes—where do you get all your lovelies?
    ps…FYI, I never got an email—wasn’t sure if you sent one or not?


  2. I totally feel hesitant telling people my husband and I support each other in our career roles. We have separate ventures, but we sometimes intertwine. (Basically: I’m in publishing, he’s in advertising.) For him, it’s no big deal telling people we’re working on things together. For me, it comes with a lot more thought. I’m learning how to get over it. It’s my own insecurity.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG


  3. That is amazing you and your husband work together! I don’t think my husband and I could do that. Love all the stunning red in your outfit today. Red is such a powerful color and looks beautiful on you!


  4. I began to wonder what your husband did or where he was but that is neat that you shared that you work together, how neat. I love learning new nuggets of information from your blog. Great outfit! You and Eve are too cute (as she linked up too) thanks for supporting my blog.
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo


  5. It’s interesting that many of us have a tendency to keep our personal and professional lives separate and to keep any relationship from others. I once had co-workers who apparently had been together for years, got secretly married and didn’t reveal anything until they had a child a couple years later. I respect their choices, but many had a hard time adjusting to the new situation…

    Love the outfit! Fabulous shoes as always!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


  6. Your outfit is fabulous. But more importantly, your words are fabulous. I, too, was moved by Nick’s words about integration. However, I long ago took a stance against hiding any parts of my true self. I did that for too long and am now a so-called open book. I am tell all kind of girl and a weight has been lifted from my life since becoming this way. So I am all for full integration of all parts of yourself. Let your wonderful, beautiful self and all of it’s amazing facets be seen! You never know who you will inspire!



  7. Sheela, I love this outfit, those shoes are so fab and red looks so good on you, definitely your color! I don’t know where I stand on this topic, to be honest, I think it all depends on a bunch of other factors, like the nature of the job, personality, etc. However, I do agree that people do tend to form opinions on us, influencing how they’ll treat us, based on the knowledge they know beforehand. It’s tricky. I haven’t watched The Voice in SO long, I think I only watched the first season. I was a huge fan of the X Factor and then my schedule got a little crazy, so I wasn’t able to continue watching. I love singing competitions/reality shows, you begin to feel like you know the contestants. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




  8. happinessatmidlife says

    As much as I love my husband, I could never work with him. We are just so different and we would drive each other nuts. I am always with couples the work together and still get along and be in love.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



  9. Oh Sheela the more I you write, the more I read and the more I want to meet you in person! I am totally getting you not wanting people at work that you are together. Me and my husband-to-be work together as well in our company, however no client could tell that we are a couple unless he is a repeated one, coming for years and having become a friend of us! (well and those who may read my blog these days haha, I forgot about that possibility). A few times we happen to mention it to people from work, and with the first chance they got, the implied that my fiancé created the company, and I, a.k.a. the woman a.k.a. the lucky Mrs just went on board the business and follow my hubby’s steps! -a business I started all alone in my 20s, God knows how- I seriously can’t tolerate how prejudged people are even nowadays, towards men/women and roles. Of course I am super thankful to my amazing fiancé, because a lot of things wouldn’t have happened without him but come on guys, let’s leave behind sexism and stereotypes it’s 2016 for God’s sake…
    Now let’s talk VOICE! I admit it I am a big fan. I used to be a musician and I like judging (well mostly encouraging) from my own couch 🙂 Can’t wait for it to start again in Greece. You see I have a point when I always tell you that we have so much in common?
    Wishing you a great, restful Sunday my girl and apologies for the long comment!
    PS: You look fantastic as always!


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