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Reinvention & A Link-Up


Mother of invention.


So sayeth Plato.

So too sayeth many a person in the public eye, apparently.  I’ve been giving this a fair amount of thought lately.  Contemplating on how the marketing wheels of the world churn on, never pausing let alone ceasing, and the downstream effect that has on those who are constantly seen.  Who make it their jobs to be seen.  And the importance (read: value) of constantly revamping oneself.  What’s that clichéd term again?  To look fresh and relevant.

For the purposes of this post, I’ll be focusing on my peers.  Bloggers.  Content Editors.  Style/Digital Influencers.  Whatever the current trending phrase may be. I’ll be honest.  I can’t quite keep up these days (take that with a grain of salt, Sheela asks, with an impish grin).

There are those who regularly change things up, albeit on a more modest scale, such as Neela and Keiko.  A snip here, a highlight there every few months.  Then, we have those who plunge knee-deep into massive changes.  Such as Jane, Sophia and Kirsten.

Reinvention | Sheela Writes

And we have those of us who address the need for personal revamping with, shall we say, a lighter hand.  Styling our hair in as many ways as possible.  Letting our make-up do the talking.  Creating different vibes through the use of not just garments but also props, and locations.

By “us“, I mean myself.  By “us“, I mean most of us.


The fact that men appear to not be fazed by (nor subjected to) public expectations in this matter, is not lost on me.  Neither is the question of whether this is indeed societal or self-inflicted.

Reinvention | Sheela WritesReinvention | Sheela WritesDSC_0360

Aside from lightening my hair and purchasing spiffy shades (Poshmark is a haven for this), I really haven’t done much to change tweak revamp my image since blogging on a regular basis.  Does that mean an image facelift is greatly overdue?  What constitutes an acceptable (or perceived) time frame?  And who’s to say it’s needed?  Which law book mandated this?  Can you sense I’m bristling with indignation?

Yet, I understand the rationale behind overhauling one’s image.

In a world ruled by money, the harsh truth is that originality doesn’t (always) matter.  Brands aren’t necessarily piqued by creativity or artistry.  Nor by talent.  I’m not saying individuality won’t ever be appreciated.  Neither am I preaching that being different precludes you from possible mainstream success.  What I’m saying is that the industry, particularly fashion and beauty, doesn’t care who you are unless it can profit from what you have to offer as a blogger.  Regardless of how amazing you look.  Or how awful you actually are in person.

Reinvention | Sheela WritesReinvention | Sheela Writes


As with any other business, even the greatest products aren’t in a position to sell themselves.  It’s the image (or perception of the brand) that entices people to buy.  Image is, and always will be, more important than the actual item for sale.  Image is everything.

Believe you me, I completely get it that it’s not always about fame or fortune (although it would be heavenly to have a bit of both, don’t lie now).  I also get it that many bloggers have zero interest in going commercial  That said, I do believe that the vast majority of us want, at the very least, to gain exposure.  Even if it’s not for profits.

Exposure isn’t free though.  You have to earn it.  Disclaimer – I don’t mean that you can’t earn it with being completely you (and by this, I specifically mean physical traits).  If you have the whole package, your chances improve vastly.  Let’s be clear.  Image revamping doesn’t mean changing who you are or what you stand for.  You don’t need to box yourself into some subculture just to fit in.

Reinvention | Sheela WritesReinvention | Sheela Writes

Image is about consistency and an unwavering commitment to a specific vibe, look and feel. It’s about creating a persona companies can stand behind because they know you’re in it for more than the money or gifts.  You genuinely believe in what they have to offer.  They feel they can trust you.  And sometimes, to get to that stage, a few tweaks here and there are needed.  Now that, I can buy into.

Now, let’s talk about Project Sister Act.  Isn’t it a little early, you ask?  Why yes, you’re right but there’s a really fabulous reason for that.  It’s my birthday month, May is.  And because of that, Project Sister Act will happen twice this month.  Today marks the first part, we’re debunking the myth on how stripes ought to be worn.  The second, on the 27th (my actual birth day!!), will be a feisty feature on animal prints.

Eve (the world according to eve)

The World According To Eve

Naomi (finite 1)

Finite 1

Christianne (simply christianne)

Simply Christianne

Sheela (sheela writes)

Sheela Writes

Laurie (vanity and me)

Vanity & Me

These women.  This group of women.  I have so much admiration and respect for each one of them.  And I really do hope you’ll visit their blogs as well.  They are all so beautifully different yet wonderfully similar in their drive.  Commitment.  And passion.

Reinvention | Sheela Writes

And me.  You know me.  Perhaps all too well 🙂

Meaning you also know I’ll be ending this post with my Friday Link-Up, and a heartfelt invite for you to come join.  A party isn’t all that fun unless there are loads of people.

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.


  1. Another stylish Project Sister Act and great theme this go around. Yay for this being your birthday month! Fabulous take on stripes – I am enjoying the black and white look and the many different directions of your stripes. Your zipper bracelet is so fun and immediately caught my eye. Have a wonderful weekend, Sheela!

  2. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this post today. I agree with what you wrote and it goes along with the conversation we were having. Image is everything but being true to yourself is most important, At the end of the day we have to live with ourselves. We have to know that we stayed true to who we are. It isn’t easy but so worth it and worth celebrating.

  3. Fabulous stripes! I’m a stripeaholic… (and my birthday is about a week later than yours…).
    Anyway, on the topic of revamping… I wish I could have a total hair makeover! Not going to happen, though, my hair has been more or less the same my entire life, and will be the same in the future, too. I’m not talking about trying out different hairdos (buns, ponytails, etc), I can’t be bothered with that, I’m too lazy (and when I was a teenager my mother and my aunt, both hairdressers, used my hair to practice, so I’ve had enough of that). There’s just not much you can do with very fine hair and natural curls (been there, done that, many times: as I said, my mother was a hairdresser…). My solution at this point is probably to finally make peace with my hair and stop doing anything to it. So, maybe a consistent, recognisable personal style is better goal than constant revamping, with maybe a little tweak every now and then.

  4. I’m still very new to this link up thing, but I’m loving the sense of community!

    That said, your outfit is absolutely stunning! I love the bold look. You exude confidence, and that’s the best attribute to have when you’d like to get a bit more exposure and be noticed!

    Have a great weekend.
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  5. I agree that we have to tweak our image from time to time, but being true to ourselves is most important.

    I love stripes (a bit too much maybe…), and I love everyone’s outfits! There are just so many different types of stripes, and they are really appropriate for all occasions…

    I’ve been wearing a lot of black & white lately, and your outfit is absolutely fabulous!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  6. Sheela ! Firstly have a fabulous birthday !
    Thank you so much for including me in this Project sister act. I really enjoyed mixing with all you ladies the other side of the pond.
    Laurie x

  7. I love everyone’s stripes, all of different colours even in B&W. Gorgeous.

    Your article raises so many points I think about. Revamping – I do it almost daily. My style is never consistent and that throws some people off who come to my blog. Pfft. My hair goes up and down too.

    The creativity you have with your style would seem to negate the need for revamping – all the combos are unique, just my opinion.

    And I agree that image is everything when it comes to the realm of monetary gain and instilling viewership trust. But it’s all so tiring to think about.

    Great post.

  8. You make some great points. I personally don’t think one should do a big blog change often. Maybe once every 18-24 months is necessary. Before February, when I did my complete blog change and re-branding and for the first time ever hired a designer to do so, I tweaked my blog 2-3 times a year, mostly just changed the banner/header. A lot of times I did it because I myself got bored with it. To tell you the truth, though I see them on Bloglovin or Instagram, I don’t follow any of the big-name, super successful bloggers, I might peak into their blogs about 3-4 times a year at most. I cannot relate to any of them, that’s why.

    Happy Birthday month Sheela – same as mine. I love May! I am a Taurus but get along so well with Gemini’s. Love this current week’s Sister Project because I am a huge fan of stripes, The way you wore stripes is edgy, bold, funny and so Sheela. You are teaching us fashion lessons in geometry. Your booties, pencil skirt, blouse, clutch and collar are all awesome and fearless, like you! Thank you for hosting a fantastic linkup! Let me know if you will grace my blog and co-host my linkup with me, sometime?!

  9. “What is happiness? It’s a moment before you need more happiness. You don’t want most of it, you want all of it. And I won’t stop until you get all of it.” – Don Draper.

    No matter how much reinvention, how many followers or how much success you crave, it will never be enough.

    I had written a longer comment but lost it : (

    I do think personal evolution is exciting. Reinvention for the sake of gaining exposure is a road without an end.


  10. Wonderful post and points Sheela. I love changes and the more I grow up, the more I am learning to embrace them and feel more and more happier with them.
    This geometrical pattern is amazing hun, and all of you ladies look so beautiful each one with her different style and beauty 🙂 Love your choker and boots! Have a beautiful Sunday my dear!

  11. I hardly ever revamp or change much. I’m really adverse to change, even though I should embrace it, at least sometimes. I love your take on the stripes! This is one of the best outfits that I’ve seen! I love that leather collar and that zipper bracelet! You look amazing!!

  12. Speaking about those bloggers that have revamped themselves, I do think it’s just a natural progression, at least for most of them. I also think when it’s natural for them, it’s also natural and much easier for their readers to accept the change. I don’t really notice my favourite bloggers changing with the industry’s flow, or conforming to what sells, but maybe I don’t pay as much attention as you do…? That being said, I like it when my fave bloggers stick to being who they really are and sharing what they themselves know best, without caring what the industry expects out of them in exchange for a few bucks. But at the same time I understand those who do adjust themselves to whatever is relevant at the mo – you can’t help being inspired daily with how the blogging world is progressing!

    Ramblings aside, lovee how you do stripes on stripes on stripes on stripes look here!

    Liyana | Affordorable

  13. iannemcabangon says

    I am so happy to be a part of this. I believe i have missed Laurie. I will update my post. I really lovs hos it came up. Itwas so nice working with you.
    Xo, Christianne

  14. sandypatti says

    I find re-invention rather thrilling – but only when it seems organic and real, and from a passion. You have all those qualities in your “brand” and seem like you are the kind of woman you present here. That keeps us coming back, and it *ought* to make your advertisers happy. : >
    Loving the sister Act stripes, all of them. Thanks for sharing, xox


  15. OMG love this post for so many reasons. 1. I’m newly blogging 2. I have been in fashion FOREVEH and many things you say are true true true 3. Image is everything, yes, but the crafting of the image is the fun part. So my struggle (it’s real) is finding my authentic voice on various platforms. I tend to be traditionalist (think Ralph Lauren) with a closet massive edgy thingy going on (Alexander McQueen skulls and tattoos) and my struggle is having spent 2 decades in the ever changing world of image/fashion, what IS MY AUTHENTIC VIBE????? I’m playing with it now, kind of boho meets minimalism. I am commercially blogging, and have been lucky to have some relationships that carried over from one fashion venture into blogging, but at the same time, I’m missing the freedom of just posting for myself. WHICH IS WHY I LOVE YOU SHEELA.

  16. You’re such an inspiration and I really love this look on you! Plus, I love the lighter hair! You never cease to amaze me! Further, I love the fact that you feature some of your fave bloggers — again supporting one another is so important! You are a beautiful soul, Sheela!!

    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  17. You’re always so spot on with your posts! The marketing gimmick is really hard to keep up these days. Project Sister Act is a wonderful pact of strong female bloggers supporting one another!! Lastly, this look is so uniquely you with personality and style.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  18. robjodiefilogomo says

    Happy Birthday month—I missed this link up, but I thought I checked on Friday and I didn’t see it up—maybe I checked too early in the morning? Maybe I’ll add in now…
    First—hair is a fabulous way to change up things, because it grows and it’s not a permanent change!! I’ve been hoping that the greys would take over more in mine—I love the silver look—so I may have to add it in!!
    Second—big fan of the sister act—and who doesn’t love stripes (well maybe convicts…ha ha)
    Third—image is such a abstract concept….how do you want to be perceived? It’s not just with the blog, but clothing is exactly that. Yet–the true message is that you shouldn’t judge by the outside—such mixed messages, right?
    And lastly (because you get tired of me going on & on, I’m sure) is I’m going to call foul on your stripes—granted it’s your blog and you can do what you want, and who decides on the definition anyways, but I see shapes on your clothing–not stripes! Love it anyways, but just sayin’

  19. Hmmm….. To quote you, you said, “And sometimes, to get to that stage, a few tweaks here and there are needed.” How does one figure out what tweaks are needed? That’s my million dollar question. What am I doing wrong? Or more importantly what do I need to change so that I’m doing it right?

    You always get me thinking Sheela! And stupendous stripes Queen She!! As well as super round up. 😀

    Love, Annie

  20. Lots of interesting responses to this lovely piece of writing. I’m having a crazy week, so have very little brain space to give you something profound to chew on. So try this – you’re a totally awesome lady, bold, fierce, forthright, engaging, challenging and most of all very honest. Your readership loves you for all of this and more I expect.
    This is a wonderful outfit. Everything is totally fab, but that’s you Sheela, no half measures. Commited to your style as much as your writing. Bravo, you’re my kinda girl x

  21. I don’t know what I’m more impressed by or love the most – the writing in this post or that phenomenal outfit you’re wearing Sheela! A statement outfit yet as always it speaks Sheela!

    Change is a difficult thing, isn’t it? Change for change sake I never find satisfactory but if it’s more organic, more self exploratory then it can throw up some wonderful and unexpected things. The difficulty is knowing when to make changes and how to do them. Life is never static but the pace at which it moves can be overwhelming. Technology allows us to ‘move’ at great speeds and I think that really fuels the fire of people thinking they have to re-invent all the time so that people don’t get bored. Look at someone like Madonna – who’s changed image so many times during her career. But then look at Karl Lagerfield? Has he ever changed his look – barely. So which one do we follow???? The secret of course if that change has to come from a central place – then it feels believable.
    Dabbling, hopping from one thing to another is inconsistent and confusion. However, exploring, examining, trying out new things from curiosity and a genuine interest in the world around will always be much more attractive whether that’s friends, colleagues, brands. And that will always be the journey I take.

  22. Your posts always have an incredible way of making us all stop and think. I so enjoy reading them and mulling them over. You are looking fabulous by the way. I love the classic black and white with the mix of patterns! It makes classic colors new again!

  23. Sheela you look phenomenal. The graphic b&w was made for you! Love how you totally own and rock this strong fabulous look!

  24. This is a very nice post and I loved the project, Sisters Act and I also loved your outfit and boots! You are so right in everything you said. No matter how beautiful someone is or not, the fashion industry only wants the person if it can profit from her/him. And some people only want to show their lives/faces/ so on at any cost, thinking it can make them a living. Maybe yes, but I know some people with so many illusions! Loved the post!

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