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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location | Sheela Writes

Where.  How.

You know what they say.


Does it seem to you that these days, where one shoots appears to be of greater importance than what one actually shoots?  Or what one wears?  Am I the only one?


I get it that backdrops can make or break an outfit post.  I really do.  That they can do influence the number of likes one garners.  And I completely understand how we all want to achieve some semblance of differentiation amidst the tidal wave of bloggers that seems to be doing naught but expand, increase, and grow in size.

Location, Location, Location | Sheela WritesLocation, Location, Location | Sheela Writes

I’m all for a cool coloured wall.

My contention is that a kickass backdrop should never be an excuse for us to “take it easy” when it comes to the clothes we’re wearing.  Why do I say that?  Well, I’ve seen some truly picturesque walls, incredibly arresting in how graphic they are, with their impact so terribly diluted due to quite possibly the most bland, mundane outfits ever.  As though the wall was the main attraction, not the blogger.  How does that even make sense?  Because it doesn’t, my friend.

We keep preaching individuality, and with the current proliferation of bloggers, creating a unique identity is what attracts the crowd, keeps them coming back.  And locations play a vital role in this.  A good location is important, of course, but strategic use of a good location?  Now that’s invaluable.

Particularly if these spots are instantly recognisable.  Or if everyone’s using them.

Location, Location, Location | Sheela WritesLocation, Location, Location | Sheela Writes

I mean, think of it.  A coloured wall is merely that.  A wall with colours.  As is a wall covered with murals or other illustrations.  What you make of it is what counts.


What I’m trying to say is, “Stop blending in with the backdrop“.

Use it to your advantage.

Location, Location, Location | Sheela WritesLocation, Location, Location | Sheela Writes

Pick out a specific motif.  Play it up.  Don’t instantly gravitate towards the solids.  Consider non solids, consider textures.  Treat your location as another piece in your pattern puzzle.  Fear not the print.  Wait, did I just say that?  And for those who aren’t quite into playing with prints (yet) (trust me, I know, I’ve been there), choose a colour in stark contrast with your backdrop.  Stand out.

Don’t blend in.  Seriously.

Which begs my next question – do you think locations matter?

At all?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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  1. robjodiefilogomo says

    It shouldn’t, but hey, we are visual creatures. So a really cool backdrop (like you’ve found yourself here) does make the eyes & brain happy!!
    But just like in life, it really comes down to what’s inside that counts! Although looking good while we’re living life is much more fun. Just like standing in front of an interesting wall!!


  2. Perfect topic. My grey concrete stairwell is a common backdrop for me and sometimes it makes me feel blah. That said, some of my most enjoyed photos are taken in there.

    Sometimes a big graffiti wall swallows me up – they are so amazing and big and busy – but I feel pretty great if I can hold my own in that context. In the end, an outfit I don’t like can’t be fixed by any backdrop.

    Your photos here are fantastic – your horizontal top is great against the verticals.


  3. This is such a great question. Of course I love photos that are wonderfully picturesque with amazing backdrops or locations but then it becomes more about the location than the clothing. Sometimes people can get it “just right” and it’ll work for both, but often one stands out from the other.

    I do believe that for most people blogs are about fantasy, just like magazines. They want to believe everything is perfect. Interesting location shoots heighten the sense of fantasy.

    Your outfit and backdrop are wonderful. You definitely do not blend in.



  4. I think that the energy of the person in the photo is more important than the energy of the location. The energies can be equal but if the location overpowers then the photo has much less appeal. For you, your energy is always at least equal to if not exceeding that of the location which is why they are so fabulous.



  5. This is such a pertinant post Sheela. Everyone is out there posing and posturing, co-ordinating with or contrasting against their chosen backdrop. But yes, let’s not forget – it’s all about the clothes surely? I love how you bring these subjects into sharp focus for us all. My simple pleasure this week was to find a wooden wall which was faded to silver and therefore revealed itself to be the perfect prop for my next Ping Pong Post. This newly found location will be a joyful addition to my blog over the forthcoming months.


  6. I enjoy interesting locations. I LOVE the location in this post, and it is perfect with the outfit you are wearing. I can see that you really thought about it.

    When I first took photos of my outfits, I took them almost all in front of a green hedge. It was obviously pretty boring, but I liked that the focus was on the outfit (at least that’s what I told myself…). My husband is the one who kept commenting on how awful that backdrop was… Looking back at the photos, I have to agree; I’m not sure what I was thinking…

    Now I try to look for interesting backdrops, but, to be honest, they are pretty much chosen by chance. We take my outfit photos on the weekend when we are out and about (but I do plan outings around specific locations…), and some locations work a lot better with some outfits than others…

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


  7. As always some really pertinent thoughts, so well articulated. Some of my favourite bloggers mostly use the same location (Melanie and her concrete stairwell), so for me it’s more about the person and what they’re saying with their outfits. Yes, of course, it’s good to mix up your locations if you can but alot of bloggers can’t (me included). In a way that pushes them to be imaginative in other ways – the angles of the photos, the outfits, the writing, or as Rena puts it, the energy within the photo.
    Locations definitely can add but sometimes they can distract. For instance your posts Sheela will always be worth coming to because your outfits AND your writing draw people. You could be standing in front of a bin and still be working it to the max!
    I love all the small details in this outfit, the colour of the shoes, the pattern of the bag, the pleats of the skirt, the tie around the neck and oh, a great wall too!



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