Day: 25 May, 2016

Money, Money | Sheela Writes

Money, Money

A necessary evil. That spins the world.   This is one of those harder-to-write posts.  The sort which makes you ponder a little.  Question what you’re doing, but more importantly, why you’re doing it.  We all blog for different reasons. I mean, creating a blog is easy enough, it’s a clear understanding of why we blog that sustains the momentum and allows us to do this, not only consistently, but also continuously. M I N E ? Personally, I’m no longer certain if my original catalyst still stands.  I began writing because I felt stifled by the industry within which my full-time job exists.  Have I ever told you what I do for a living in the offline world?  I take care of all communications and branding activities for a Managed Security Services Provider (aka an internet security firm).  The blog is my outlet for self-expression preservation.  As yours is for you, I reckon. At the end of the day, no matter our personal agendas, we blog to gain recognition.  To be noticed.  Be it …