Growl Power & A Link-Up

Loud, proud.

And in your face.


Animal prints have long been associated with a certain vibe, and I haven’t quite discerned why.  Is it because they’re so completely unapologetic?  That they harken to days when perceived as a symbol of status and wealth?  Or is it simply due to the infamy surrounding faux and real?  Which motivates people to pounce (and quickly) on the use of anything remotely resembling that distinctive pattern.

I, for one, look at them as being the visual epitome of confidence.


No matter the reason, there does appear to be certain preset opinions when it comes to this particular family of print as in who wears it, when it’s meant to be worn.  I remember my first.  It was a pair of cheetah print mules with the cheekiest pom pom trims, purchased in Takashimaya, Singapore.  I believe it was 1995 and I wore them when the sun was still shining, with a baby blue sleeveless tee dress.  I also recall, most vividly, that animal prints were confined to evening then, and the many dubious compliments comments I received.  It was as though wearing them during the day was perceived as, well, bawdy.


Again, I find animal prints exotic and immensely empowering.



Incidentally, why aren’t men wearing them?

How are some prints so innately female whilst others cross genders effortlessly?  I can hear the whispered question, “Is he gay?”, the gasps.  The stares.

I mean, you could preach how widely accepted animal prints are in today’s society.  Worn in all sorts of permutations, at any time of the day, but you still wouldn’t see them on a heterosexual male, would you?  I don’t get it.  Do you?


And that is why I am EVER so proud that today’s installment of Project Sister Act is focused on animal prints.  On growl girl power.  On being unabashedly female and feminine.

Eve (the world according to eve)

The World According To Eve

Chichi (the style tune)

The Style Tune

Brandy (authentically b)

Authentically B

Sheela (sheela writes)

Sheela Writes

Suzanne (suzanne carillo)

Suzanne Carillo

These women.  This group of women.  I have so much admiration and respect for each one of them.  And I really do hope you’ll visit their blogs as well.  They are all so beautifully different yet wonderfully similar in their drive.  Commitment.  And passion.  And the courage to dare.

Oh and by the way, it’s my birthday 🙂 which makes today’s Link-Up extra special so please, do join in?  It would be the loveliest gift ever.

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.


29 Replies to “Growl Power & A Link-Up”

  1. Well, Happy Birthday bold, beautiful, bodacious (as in strong), brave and bewildering Sheela. What a great prompt for this Sister Project, too. I love animal print, always have. Your first pair of mules reminds me of some leopard print mules I once owned with block heels. I need to see if I still have them because their style is perfect for the current season. Love how you added animal print in different doses: your asymmetric top, both bracelets and those fierce shoes which I love. That bucket bag is awesome, too. Everyone looks fantastic. I particularly live Chichi’s and Suzanne’s outfits.

    Have a splendid Memorial Day and Birthday Weekend, my friend! Much Love, Ada.


  2. Thanks for introducing me to these ladies and ideas on how and why we style prints. I have several animal print items and I do not shy from wearing them either. Thanks for the invite to link up (the past few Fridays have been crazy). Happy Birthday friend! I hope it’s a grand one.
    Rachel xo


  3. Happiest of birthdays, my beautiful, creative, and bold friend. I hope your day is exactly what you hope for. Another fabulous Project Sister Act and a fantastic theme. Years ago I was hesitant to wear leopard or cheetah print because of its connotations (I’m with you, as I don’t understand where they came from), but now I embrace them and wear them often and in large quantities. Your tunic with its asymmetrical hemline immediately caught my eye – you have styled it wonderfully with your capri length leggings and fierce platform sandals. You look quite smashing!


  4. Happy Birthday—if it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that it’s definitely a privilege to get older!!
    Funny—I never thought about the fact that men don’t wear animal prints!! Another reason why I’m very happy to be female. That and the shoe variety!!


  5. Happy Birthday, Sheela!! I hope it is brilliant for you. I hope you get lots of treats (in the form of shoes, preferably!). Thank you for hosting the link up. xxxx, Lisa


  6. Oh yes, you are speaking my language…animal print is a must, a neutral and everything in between. These gals all look fab, great round up. Need Suzanne’s jumpsuit! Great post and Happy Birthday! You look Fabulous!!!!


  7. Love love love the looks you’ve highlighted. I definitely need to add more animal print to my wardrobe. I have a pair of flats and a pair of red pumps with animal print heels, neither of which I wear nearly enough.

    The way you all have mixed the patterns is totally inspiring.


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