The Fab 40s Go Boho


Free-spirited. Authentic.


Isn’t that what lies at the heart of the word bohémien?  I mean, it’s all about being a gypsy.  And certainly not merely in terms of style.  There’s a great deal more to the concept than fringes and tassels and Coachella.  Being bohemian is a state of mind.  Unconventional.  Moving away from the expected be it in life and/or in thought.

The Fab 40s Go Boho | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go Boho | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go Boho | Sheela Writes

When applied to fashion, the spirit of bohemian manifests itself in an air of decided nonchalance.  And by that, I revel in the sweet irony of how today, in the 21st century, the fashion elite dons crochet and ruffles galore in the hopes of looking nomadic, and non-bourgeois, when in reality, the real bohemian lasses themselves are sexy and delightful precisely because they simply don’t give a shit.


Suffice to say, the word “unapologetic” springs to mind at this juncture, yes?

Although we haven’t yet navigated ourselves around the boho sphere, I do recall broaching the topic of  a close relative in the past, namely fringe.  And I suppose that’s why I wasn’t as petrified this month as I’ve been in the past.

The Fab 40s Go Boho | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go Boho | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go Boho | Sheela Writes

Which then helped me enormously in the planning of my outfit.  In dissecting this month’s theme which, I’m fairly certain, you’d have deduced by now to be (rightly so) bohemian.  Because, you see, bohemian isn’t really all that far out from my comfort zone.

The Fab 40s Go Boho | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go Boho | Sheela Writes

No, ma’am, it most  certainly isn’t.

Not if being bohemian means being strong-willed and independent of personality, and of thought.  Unapologetically unconventional.  Being completely unawares of lines let alone colouring outside of them.  Not if being bohemian means being authentically me because that’s the only Sheela I can be.

As is the case with my Fab 40s clique.

Here’s Ann in something so utterly simple yet sassy and fun.  I know I say this of her all the time but seriously, this woman could walk around in a recycled bag and still attract (positive) attention.  And isn’t she the queen of DIY craft? I think she made (just about) everything here.

Kremb de la Kremb

Dawn, the one who truly personifies the slogan, “Fashion should be fun,” is looking pretty and put together in the best possible festival way here. Incidentally, this is Dawn’s last month with us as she enters her Fab 50s but fret not, watch out for July’s edition of Project Sister Act.

Fashion Should Be Fun

Meet the irrepressible Diane.  I love this woman for her fearless attitude towards life, towards fashion.  Her zest for life is, simply put, infectious, and her sense of style?  Bubbly. That’s all I can say.  Bubbly, and fun, and completely effortless.  Just look at her interpretation of bohemian.

Fashion On The Fourth Floor

I have yet to see something from Jennie that doesn’t put a smile on my face 😊 granted we’re both wearing fringed kimono cardigans but hers is stunningly paired with a dress. Perfect for Sunday brunch. Equally perfect for, well, just about everything.  And have you seen that darling tassel necklace?

A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

Dresses are truly signature Mary.  Hers is definitely a closet I’d love to raid.  Enough said (careful, Mary 😋).

Curly Byrdie

I have this nickname for Sam, it’s Little Miss Rainbow, and for those who follow her style choices avidly, you’ll know why. And here’s a perfect example of her mastery with colours.  Even her hair is the perfect shade to complement this gorgeous outfit.

Fake Fabulous

And now, drum rolls, please meet our guest blogger, Daenel of Living Outside The Stacks.  I’ve only just begun to know her and I can tell you, she’s one of the most genuine women I’ve been blessed to meet on social media platforms. And that’s saying quite a bit.

Living Outside The Stacks

And here’s me.  Full disclosure.  The fringe bag?  And that adorable kimono cardigan?  Both borrowed from Eve.  I love raiding her closet.  Shhhh.



Are you bohémien too?

Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

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22 Replies to “The Fab 40s Go Boho”

  1. Interesting how you define boho—and I think you’re mostly right.
    It’s only in this last year that I’ve even considered wearing these kind of pieces—I’m sure part of it is that the fringe & kimonos are in the stores more now too!
    Part of it is also because of the perception—unconventional like you say. And that’s not me—at all! But it’s been fun to push the envelope and try these newer things.
    And can I say I love Ann’s name for you—Queen She—I think you should run with it—it’s quite perfect, you know?
    As usual, you stun my with your shoes—orange? Why do I not have any orange shoes?


  2. Perfect boho post, Sheela! And perfect boho look! I have been determined lately to be truly and authentically myself. Unapologetically and without excuses. And I am owning who I am! Now as we embark on warmer weather, for the first time in my 42 years, I am able to say without shame that I hate being outside! People always seem appalled by it! So I hid it and pretended that I love the outdoors. But being outdoors when it is hot, and buggy, and allergens run amok, I am miserable and I have quit trying to hide it! Once autumn rolls around, I am more willing to stay outdoors but only for short periods of time. There I said it! Now I think I need to write a post about it (about being authentically and unapologetically me)! So thank you for the inspiration!



  3. Everyone did so good in this edition. I have a soft spot for bohemian fashion, and it’s really interesting to see everyone’s interpretation!

    I bet you and Eve raid each other’s closet allll the time – but my guess is she raids yours more often!

    ps: Searching for my own paint-splatter jeans right now.


  4. So happy you moved past the fashion talk of Boho & touched on the true historical definition of Bohemian & the gypsy way of life. Like you, in my 40s, I feel confident to live my life unapologetically, unconventionally & I definitely color outside of the lines. We can only be ourselves in thought & in our style. This theme just reinforced that choosing to be me & how I style me is the only way to go. Such a thoughtful post! You are the wordsmith!!!


  5. I love this post. Your words bounced around in my head and then fell into my heart. I always describe myself as eclectic, but I like your definition of bohemian so much more. It’s perfect! As is that outfit.

    I’m a shoe girl, so I always notice those first and yours are on point! Love love love them. Your style is fearlessly fierce.

    And thank you so much for the kind words. I’m smiling from ear to ear.


  6. Lovely outfits and that coming from me… I am so NOT a bohemian. But I can appreciate it on others.


  7. Love all the looks here. Your right about sam. Little miss rainbow, I always admire her style. Those shoes your wearing are a winner Sheela x


  8. My style went in a decidedly boho direction about a year ago. I’m still pretty much all over the place in my manner of dressing, but more often than not there is at least a bohemian flavor to it. I think subconsciously what attracted me was all that you described; the comfort, the freedom, the unapologetic nature of it.
    I love the kimono layered over the longer tunic and the panache with which you’re rocking the hat. I love hats on other people, but I’m not a hat girl myself.


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