Day: 1 Jun, 2016

Death By Boredom | Sheela Writes

Death By Boredom

Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzz.   Last week, I had a really invigorating chat with a website developer friend from Serbia.  We talked about the increased use of cellular devices, and how narrow screens (currently) affect sidebar wrapping of content on websites, resulting in contorted images for the most part.  And, naturally, how this will likely hold true for a mere year or two longer, when full HD screens become the norm on mobiles, as versus the exception. We discussed many things.  It was very enlightening for me. For instance, I had no idea trends existed where blog designs were concerned.  Or that blogs with the highest traffic typically go through revamps on an annual basis.  Did you know?  I was certainly in the dark.  Though, if you pause and ponder, it certainly makes sense.  Blogs are, in essence, storefronts.  Window displays, if you like, and those in the shopping strips get changed periodically, don’t they?  To attract our attention, lure us in, to while away time and (hopefully) money. Isn’t it the same with blogs?  We want …