Day: 20 Jun, 2016

Sheela Writes | Black, White & Blue, Baby

Black, White & Blue, Baby

There’s a science to colour. An entire theory based on colour.   As we’d all agree, design and art are two of the most subjective fields in the world.  What’s sauce for the goose is, very often, not necessarily sauce for the gander.  The same rule applies to colour.  Perhaps even more so.  What evokes one reaction in one person may trigger a completely disparate reaction in someone else.  Be it due to personal preferences, situational circumstance, or, even cultural.  Needless to say the science of colour is, well, a science in itself. AN ENTIRE THEORY OF COLOUR There’s also how colour affects us from a psychological perspective and, given the effort with which marketeers continuously try to outdo each other (all in the name of expanding bottomlines), it may very well be the most known of all principles pertaining to colour theory.  Indeed, studying how colours impact people, either singularly or collectively, is something certain individuals build their careers on.  Many in the industry (correctly) perceive colour as an integral component of branding/sales/marketing as …