Day: 22 Jun, 2016

Black, White & A Touch Of Print | Sheela Writes

Black, White & A Touch Of Print

It’s black, it’s white. It’s a bit of this and a bit of that.   Today’s post is not going to be of my usual thought-provoking style.  Last Friday, Jody, Eve and I teamed up to present a showcase featuring only, yes you guessed it, black and white.  We then paraded that same palette with a heady infusion of our personal favourite colour on Monday. THE POWER OF BLACK AND WHITE And now, concluding the project, are our interpretations of black with white, and how powerful a game-changer print can be in that entire mix. I must confess that in the entire trilogy, the outfit you see above is what I’d pick as the one I like best. Why, you ask?  It’s merely a top and pants. With signature Sheela kickass booties. But there’s more.  Loads more to this ensemble. Both top and bottom are in Black and White, yes, but the colours are melded into prints.  That knit top is a classic houndstooth print with the cheekiest coloured tassels.  And those pants?  A graffiti …