Day: 24 Jun, 2016

Show Some Skin & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Show Some Skin & A Link-Up

Just a little? Or is it too much?   An age old argument of what’s slutty, what’s classy.  An equally perennial debate of what is sexy, what isn’t.  In what scenario does a hint of cleavage hold the same level of allure as an entirely exposed bosom?  When is something deemed sexy, anyway?  And what experience (or traits) do any of us hold, that qualify as to hold dual roles of sartorial judge and jury? Personally, as an ardent fan of style, I’m fascinated by pop culture, by how it impacts upon life and style.  I’m certainly no expert but here’s what I’ve come to realise.  It’s the media which sets the standards of what’s sexy.  An arbitrary standard that, sadly, has caused many females (young and old) to believe that if you are not “hot” according to conventional standards (read:  Victoria Secret’s ridiculous round-up), then you’re neither interesting nor desirable. What rubbish. From where I’m standing, being sexy has nothing to do with the size of your breasts or the gap between your thighs …