Day: 28 Jun, 2016

The Fab 40s Turn PM To AM | Sheela Writes

The Fab 40s Turn PM To AM

 Sequins for breakfast? Evening wear sees light of day?   Not too long ago, making a public appearance (during the day) wearing anything remotely bedazzled or sequinned would instantly have attracted upwardly inching eyebrows and scanning eyes. At the time, such an after-eight ensemble would do naught but telegraph the words, “walk of shame”, I’d wager.  Insert amused snort.  Not that we haven’t actually been there and done that (shhhh, we know who we are) but in this case, it’s merely an instance of attaining the highest levels of chicdom (ahem) by turning cocktail attire into daywear. Yes, there’s a certain sense of bravado in venturing into broad daylight in pieces that run the gamut from bugle-beaded chiffon to metallic brocades (work-from-home advocate judgments be damned). Both the ladies who lunch and launch are now doing so in plumes and paillettes, with nary a hint of shame, remorse, or awkwardness.  Tempered, even, with more than a touch of rebellion. AS IT SHOULD RIGHTLY BE Indeed, putting evening pieces into day mode is a somewhat mind-boggling adventure, …