Day: 7 July, 2016

How An Introvert Networks | Sheela Writes

How An Introvert Networks & A Link-Up

Not quite gregarious. Not really all that outgoing.   My name is Sheela and I am an introvert.  Before you brush off my confession, hear me out.  I find networking to be, at best, an exercise in trauma and torture.  More often than not, I’m the one in a roomful of strangers, standing around awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.  Like a trapped animal.  Or I cling to the one person I know.  All evening long.  Inevitably, I’d make a big show of checking my phone for “important” messages to avoid conversation.  And bond with my drink so no one comes over and talks to me. Does that sound like you?  Then you might just be an introvert, like me.  Which doesn’t bode all too well, honestly, since networking is billed as a top (if not the most important) skill to have in one’s professional arsenal.  So what’s a wallflower to do? The world generally prizes those who are social and outgoing.  Extroverts.  In such a culture, the quiet and contemplative, otherwise known as introverts, can have …