Day: 25 July, 2016

The Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela Writes

The Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White

 Clean, crisp, chic. What does white say to you?   Across (almost) all cultures and communities, the colour white represents purity, innocence, light.  For many of us, it also symbolises the dawn of a new day.  A fresh start.  Be it from our own sins or the looming, long shadows of those of our fathers.  In these current times of fragility and uncertainty, it would seem only natural for us to harken back to white, to what it stands for. S T R E N G T H Loyalty. Honesty. All things good. Aren’t you as tired as I am to watch the most horrid, torrid happenings on the telly?  Tired and frustrated and sad and angry?  I’ve been told (by a therapist) that my emotions are quite expected under such circumstances.  That I shouldn’t be too hung up over feeling so helpless and trapped.  Apparently, the sensation of being powerless is rather the norm. Still, one can’t help but strain against the cords that bind, and that, my friends, is the honest to God …