The Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White

 Clean, crisp, chic.

What does white say to you?


Across (almost) all cultures and communities, the colour white represents purity, innocence, light.  For many of us, it also symbolises the dawn of a new day.  A fresh start.  Be it from our own sins or the looming, long shadows of those of our fathers.  In these current times of fragility and uncertainty, it would seem only natural for us to harken back to white, to what it stands for.




All things good.

The Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela Writes

Aren’t you as tired as I am to watch the most horrid, torrid happenings on the telly?  Tired and frustrated and sad and angry?  I’ve been told (by a therapist) that my emotions are quite expected under such circumstances.  That I shouldn’t be too hung up over feeling so helpless and trapped.  Apparently, the sensation of being powerless is rather the norm.

Still, one can’t help but strain against the cords that bind, and that, my friends, is the honest to God reason why I’m so down with this month’s theme of all white.

Perfect timing, no?

The Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela Writes

To promote purity and innocence and light.  Propagate the notion of a clean slate.  Given everything the world has witnessed, and been through the last few months, it could do with an intense purge, don’t you agree?  After all, I’ve heard it said that out of the darkness, comes light.


That’s what I feel the Fab 40s are doing this month, with the All White theme Mary picked.  While we may not (yet) be able to change the world, or put an end to senseless acts of violence, we can (at the very least) shine a little light through our words and actions.  Offer hope.  For while we may be divided in terms of who we love, and what our faiths dictate, hope remains universal.  Impartial.  It knows neither racial nor social discrimination.

You may think I’m spewing utter nonsense.  That this is all very kumbaya-around-the-campfire nonsense.  How could something so trivial and superficial and materialistic as dressing up do anything to even remotely make a difference?

The Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela WritesThe Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela Writes

The act of getting dressed is solace for many.  The art of writing has saved countless others.  For me, blogging is therapy.  It has helped (and continues to) with my depression and insecurities.  Take the case of having gained 85lbs through steroids.  Before that, I hardly ever took photos of myself because I looked in the mirror and saw a fat cow (I know, I’m working on it).  After putting on the weight, I was forced to start feeling more confident in myself as a person because that was the only way I could stay sane. To open my eyes in the morning.  To get out of bed.  To function.

And even now, even after having lost 40lbs, I’m still writing.  Actualising thoughts into words is my salvation.   My saving grace.  Through it, I no longer feel “so weird” and “all alone“.  I believe my voice is heard, that I amount to something, that what I say and think and feel, have value.  Far and beyond assisting cash registers to ring merrily for brands and products.

Now, add eight women into the mix.  Eight very different women, spanning a plethora of ethnicities and religious beliefs (and geographical locations).  Congregating every single month.  United in one purpose.  If we can set aside personal agendas, collectively leave egos at the front door, perhaps, just perhaps, those wheels of change would start moving?  Yes, it’s a lot of wishing and hoping.


Onto the (delightfully distracting) matter at hand.  Attire.  In (almost) all white.

When I look at Ann and what she’s wearing this month, I think back to those ole world days of classy dames and classic lines.  There’s something immensely elegant about her outfit  (albeit a mesh of top with bathing suit and shorts) which begs a second (and third) look.

Kremb de la Kremb

Then there’s this lady.  Tailored white suit.  Funky sneakers.  Polished make-up and perfectly imperfect coif.  Signature infectious grin.  One glance at Diane and I see her channelling Ms Keaton (and ever so perfectly at that).  The sleek lines of her immaculate blazer and culottes proffering the best foil for quirky footwear and studded clutch.

Fashion On The 4th Floor

Of late, I’ve begun thinking less of Jennie’s style as being pretty and preppy, and more of being independent and opinionated.  I’m very well aware that those aren’t typically words used to describe a person’s sartorial choices but in this case, I do feel they work beautifully.  This feminine being has the heart and soul of a tiger, and I adore that/her.

A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

I can’t help drawing parallels this month, it would seem. The instant I saw Mary’s picture, the words, “Kennedy family weekend at the Hamptons” popped straight into my head!!  What a look (you’re such an enabler, Mary, I bought all 4 colours!!).  Could it be I’m yearning for those hazy, lazy days of popcorn and pretzels, of fun and laughter, with nary a care or worry?

Curly Byrdie Chirps

Although this here is a somewhat subdued palette from our resident colour (and print) maestro, Sam, her outfit delivers the visually powerful punch we’ve come to recognise (and adore) her for.  It’s sophisticated but not yawn-inducing.  It’s classic yet fun.  It’s all white and far from being prim or proper.  It’s playful, and that’s Sam.

Fake Fabulous

Join me in saying a big hello to Veronica, please.  I’m been toiling (quietly and furiously behind the scenes), to find someone to beautifully represent the plus size community for ages, and I’m elated she’s joined The Fab 40s crew!!  Down-to-earth, genuine, and passionate.  That describes Veronica to a tee, and I can’t imagine anyone not being inspired by her.

CID Style File

And now, we have a special guest this month.  Or guests.  Hey there, Nicki and Ornella of My ONO Lifestyle.  I mean, seriously.  The visual treats these ladies present with their blog posts is just ridiculous.   Can you imagine living in Greece?  Alright, alright, or Italy?? (sorry, the man is having a fit that I’m not mentioning Italy).  It’s like having your private Aladdin’s cave of backdrops.  Right there in your backyard.  Or frontyard.  I haven’t even begun gushing over their clothes yet.  Nicki (left) is showing a sun-kissed shoulder (or two) in that crisp maxi with the gorgeous Broderie Anglais trim at the hem.  And Ornella’s off-white number with that sexy corset lace-up back is the embodiment of a Grecian Goddess, with arm cuff and gilded sandals et al.

My ONO Lifestyle

And there’s me.  Keeping it simple and uncomplicated.  Easy and mostly white, airy and light.  If the world were but that too.

The Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White | Sheela Writes


Pay it forward, and be a light for someone else?

Love, Sheela

p/s my photos by Sofia Touassa

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26 Replies to “The Fab 40s Go (Mostly) All White”

  1. A couple things—as usual!!
    I think what you’re talking about is one of the reasons we hardly even watch the news anymore. I realize it’s probably good to know what’s going on in the world, but then again, is it? Most of the time, my life is unaffected by the craziness of the world events–which I consider a good thing! Just last night we went for a little stroll and happened upon the Columbine Memorial—and while it’s good to remember the incident; it certainly puts a damper on the mood.
    Good job on the weight loss—not that a certain number means anything better or worse (age or weight or size), but if it makes your body feel better—than yippee!!
    And as usual…the shoes—love, love & more love to your footwear decoration! I never get tired of your selections!


  2. Wonderfully well written and thought provoking, as usual, Sheela. I never watch the news anymore, but I do read Google news at least a couple of times a day to keep current. It can be overwhelming.

    I can easily see myself wearing your look for this month. 🙂 I’m glad we both chose graphic tees and fun shoes for our all white looks. I seriously need your shoes in my life (even though I am not a soft pink girl) – so, so Pretty!

    Also, as I am sitting here in my navy and bright pink, I can safely say I am still plenty preppy and pretty. However, I have been enjoying taking more style risks and I like making more opinionated and independent choices. Thank you for noticing, friend.


  3. Sheela, first off thank you for inviting me join the Fab 40’s crew. In my 7 years of blogging, I’ve been craving and wanting to find a group of bloggers to collab with. I may have just found my tribe! 🙂 Also thanks for the lovely intro, I think your words captures me nicely. I may not be the most stylish or fashionable blogger, but I’m indeed down-to-earth and passionate. Can’t wait to see what the theme for August will be!


  4. I try to consume the news sparingly and am very selective about what I watch and read (but I do try to stay informed of course). I like all of your white outfits – they do cheer me up! And I have said it before, you own THE BEST shoes. Fabulous bag, too!

    I’m glad that writing is therapeutic for you. I’ve been blogging for 7 years and my blog is (almost) always my “happy place,” which is therapeutic for me in a different way… 🙂

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


  5. All of you Fab 40’s ladies are looking quite marvelous like little beacons of white light shining through the darkness. I am definitely a bury-my-head-in-the-sand kind of girl when it comes to the tragedy and ugliness that surround us. At one point, I tried to be more aware but all it really did was make me feel anxious, nervous, and very much helpless. So back into the sand I went. I choose happiness and I choose to surround myself and my children with all things kind and loving. My husband, being a career soldier, sees too much of the ugly already and has dedicated his life to protecting us from the evils of the world. So it is my job to nurture and grow love, kindness, and positivity. And yes, I do this through a fashion blog, silly as that may seem to some, but it is what I do. And I do it in the daily minutia of my life at home with my children, my family, and my friends. So go forth, all of your beautiful ladies, and find the loveliness that it is out there. Recognize it. Praise it. And nurture it.



  6. I am loving all of the white looks, and coincidentally wore all white when y’all post this! Had some clean white summer looks on the brain. I love what your wearing, the t and those shoes, oh lala, the pretty soft pink with white is a fav for me. Everyone looks fab
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx


  7. These all white looks are absolutely beautiful. I think you’re right, this white light is just what the world needs right now. I love seeing how differently all of you picked up white and ran with it. I love these group themed blog posts! xx


  8. What a thought-provoking post. Yes, I’m prone to depression, too. But I am beginning to feel the need to do something, to stand up for what I believe, not just watch the world go to hell… How tovdo that is another matter. I’ve always been a thinker, not a doer…
    But these white looks are fabulous! I’m so envious of women with olive skintones. If I wear white I either fade into the wall or look like a ghost.


  9. I love wearing white all year long because it brightens up an outfit like no other color. However, to me, it is THE color for summer and your look is perfect for this time of year. Another ‘fabulous’ collaboration … all of the gals look great in their unique spins with white. thank you for adding your post to my Fine-Whatever link up.



  10. I love all white, it is a classic combo that you can throw in mixture of fabric, pops of color and a few surprises. You did so well with your subtle print and bold pompom heels! Lovely feature of all the fabulous ladies in white as well!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom


  11. Forget all our all white perfections: your writing, it gets me every time. Wow you string words like a magician. I love what you say and how you say it.

    I’m ashamed to say I don’t watch or read the news, but I will admit it’s my way of protection. My sensitive soul bears too much when I know all the details. Somehow I stay informed despite my ignorant attempts. I think I’ll start repeating my sister: “What’s this world coming to?”

    Well, let’s keep it going round with love, and that’s what I feel for you and The Fab 40.

    Excellent post Sheela.

    Love, Ann


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