Day: 3 Aug, 2016

I'm Such A Hypocrite | Sheela Writes

I’m Such A Hypocrite

I really am, you know. Possibly the world’s worse hypocrite.   I’d fully intended to write about a completely different topic today.  But here I am, sharing something very personal.  At the time of this post, my 17 year old daughter Eve is up at Yale attending a workshop.  I was thinking about her (the beginnings of empty nest syndrome, I know) and how much I missed her (I’ll probably need therapy when she goes away to university next year) when I remembered a very crucial turn in our relationship.  The moment I realised I was quite possibly the worst ever role model for her. I’LL EXPLAIN For reasons which only Eve has the right to divulge, she has been seeing a psychiatrist regularly for quite some time now.  I drive her.  We get there.  She goes to the back, where the office is.  I sit out front in the waiting area.  45 minutes later, she returns and we go home.  But a few months ago, something different happened.  This time, Eve emerges 5 minutes …