Day: 5 August, 2016

Being Uncomfy & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Being Uncomfy & A Link-Up

People staring, Watching, and whispering.   Remember my very first session with a professional photographer, complete with big, floppy hat, and sunny side up?  Or that virgin foray into a location shoot (read: venturing far outside my comfort zone backyard) and surviving the ordeal of changing in the backseat of a car?  Well, that was in February, my friends, and how things have changed since. Do not misunderstand.  I remain immensely uncomfortable about striking a pose (or ten) in public.  Those sidelong glances and not too subtle looks still get to me.  And the tendency to flush blush will probably never ever completely disappear.  But that’s quite alright. I’ve gotten comfortable about feeling uncomfortable. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? When we shot these, it was around 11am.  In the heart of Town & Country.  People were out and about.  Cars were a-plenty and foot traffic was beyond heavy.  There were passersby milling around us the entire time.  Staring.  Observing.  I even spied one guy who was taking a picture (or snap) of us taking pictures.  Seriously, …