Day: 17 Aug, 2016

Camo & Leopard & Red, Oh My | Sheela Writes

Camo & Leopard & Red, Oh My

Shiny, happy colours. Camo meets brights in a face-off.   Today’s post shall be a smidge different from my norm, let me first pre-empt you.  Being rather pressed for time (I fear this will be somewhat on repeat mode from hereon since the new school year begins in just a scant few days), I will be focusing on clothes today.  Purely on clothes. LETTING PICTURES DO THE TALKING Which isn’t necessarily a bad deviation.  Afterall, variety can add spice to life, yes? Kickstarting our collaboration, Jodie and her bevy of beauties together with Eve and myself paraded our pastel pairings on Monday.  In this second part of the adventure, we show you how we wear camo with colour.  Bright, happy colours. Which, for me, automatically meant Red. I know not why but it did.  And on a more laidback, easy breezy note, you know?  An unbuttoned linen shirt with haphazard cuffs.  (Somewhat) intentionally dishevelled hair. A side knot which was equal parts functionality and frivolity.  When it comes to wearing maxi anything with non heeled …