Day: 19 Aug, 2016

Camopalooza & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Camopalooza & A Link-Up

An extravagant party. A shingding of great magnitude.   In urban speak, a palooza is a party (or celebration) of epic proportions.  Indulgent.  Exaggerated.  A particularly outstanding occasion, with fun and merry-making in abundance.  To be perfectly honest, I’m inclined to liken my past collaborations with Jodie (and Nancy and Charlotte) as well as Eve as being, well, just that.  Let me explain.  It’s been rather unexpected how we’ve clicked.  Or, I should say, how unexceptionally well we’ve gotten along, and how much I’ve personally learned from all four ladies. I’VE LEARNED QUITE A LOT Which, in the spirit of full disclosure, was not something I’d expected. Despite being a (not so hot) mess of insecurities, when it comes to clothes and styling them, I’ve always fancied myself as being there, you know, right alongside the upper echelon of stylemeisters.  That I knew what to wear, what not to wear, and how to wear it all.  Fashion has been such an enormous cornerstone of my life that I’d become comfortable.  No, complacent.  And, I now …