Day: 29 Aug, 2016

The Fab 40s In Bomber Jackets | Sheela Writes

The Fab 40s In Bomber Jackets

It’s that time again. Tis the season to go bomb diggity.   Now, if you’re feeling somewhat inclined to make a sporty statement, perhaps throw in a hint or three of flirt girl even, and display some of that unique personality (and why wouldn’t you), a light jacket is warranted.  More commonly known as the bomber, it’s essentially the lightweight spinoff of a varsity coat peppered with oodles of attitude and healthy doses of street gang chic.  In these times of great uncertainty, where change comes at lightning speed, familiarity has a way of comforting us.  And who doesn’t love a good remix of a classic? No longer confined by its military roots (as clearly evident from escalating use of feminine colours and motifs), the bomber has truly evolved into a fashion staple.  One found draped across the shoulders of nearly everyone who gives any thought to what they wear. And I believe I can safely include the vast majority of us within that cluster. Much more than merely an added layer, bomber jackets today are …