Day: 12 Sep, 2016

Follow The Leader | Sheela Writes

Follow The Leader

How do you choose? The Instagram accounts you follow?   What’s your criteria?  The factors which determine whether you deem an account worth following (or not).  What are your considerations?  Why do you follow the ones you do?  In a sea of 300 million daily active users (gasp), I’m curious to know how you make your selection. I know of many who follow those we consider Instagram celebrities for the sheer sake of association, in the hopes of (a) getting the attention (and perhaps even response to a comment) from these; and (b) attract a following from like-minded groupies to add to their own numbers.  Not that there’s anything wrong in this mentality, and, in fact, I’ll even go so far as to say it’s an approach we’ve all adopted at least once in our social media lifetimes (be it for other platforms or the money-making machine that is now Instagram). However, I personally no longer do that. In March, I reduced the number of accounts I follow from over 600 to under 160.  And …