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Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader | Sheela Writes

How do you choose?

The Instagram accounts you follow?


What’s your criteria?  The factors which determine whether you deem an account worth following (or not).  What are your considerations?  Why do you follow the ones you do?  In a sea of 300 million daily active users (gasp), I’m curious to know how you make your selection.

I know of many who follow those we consider Instagram celebrities for the sheer sake of association, in the hopes of (a) getting the attention (and perhaps even response to a comment) from these; and (b) attract a following from like-minded groupies to add to their own numbers.  Not that there’s anything wrong in this mentality, and, in fact, I’ll even go so far as to say it’s an approach we’ve all adopted at least once in our social media lifetimes (be it for other platforms or the money-making machine that is now Instagram).

Follow The Leader | Sheela WritesFollow The Leader | Sheela Writes

However, I personally no longer do that.

In March, I reduced the number of accounts I follow from over 600 to under 160. 

And that number is edited on a daily basis.  Really, really.

Just as I do when it comes to following blogs, I always put content first.  And by content, I don’t mean glossy lookbooks.  I can easily pick up Harper’s Bazaar for that.  By content, I mean well thought out, artfully curated presentations.  Incidentally, following a blog does not translate into the automatic following of the same person’s Instagram account, and vice versa, i.e., I worship Susie Bubble as a writer and devour every word that pours forth from her mind ever so feverishly.  When it comes to her Instagram account, however, the feed bores me.

Follow The Leader | Sheela WritesFollow The Leader | Sheela Writes


With an editorial (and/or avant garde) approach, and not only towards the garments that person might be parading in.  For instance, I’m an avid fan of Natasha Davydova.  Take a trip to her account and see for yourself.  Her pictures are straight off the pages of a magazine, and in the most unlikely of settings (which I absolutely love) such as a couch in a field.  In front of a carousel.  Amidst a tribe of goats (priceless).  Lounged against a bale of hay.

Follow The Leader | Sheela WritesFollow The Leader | Sheela Writes

In addition, I pay very close attention to the perceived personality of a particular account.

Does it speak to me?  Or is it the complete antithesis of my own?  So much so that it intrigues me beyond measure?  Such as Lizzie In Lace.  Elizabeth’s style is the polar opposite of mine, and that’s why I adore it (and her) to the moon and back.  Each time I look at the photos in her feed, I feel transported to a dreamy world of butterflies and unicorns and white picket fences.

This post would be incomplete if I did not mention Chriselle.  True, she’s an immensely famous and successful blogger.  Stylish like hell but that’s not why I respect her.  It’s because of how tenacious and committed she is (she started from ground zero, even resorting to sleeping in her car during the early years, to having a team and gorgeous office space today); how hard she tries to be a good mother (I admit, Chloe aka Clobear reminds me a lot of Eve when she was that age); and how to this day, she still appears genuinely excited and passionate about design and designers.

Follow The Leader | Sheela WritesFollow The Leader | Sheela Writes

Cold Shoulder Dress (Urbanog) | Denim Heels (Ami Clubwear, similar) | Sunnies, Rings & Clutch (thrifted) | Still Surprise You Choker worn as bracelet, courtesy of Ettika

Other accounts on my permanent list include @thestylethesaurus @tv_moods @tv_pointofview @piggyandpolly @hilariousbabies @_h2w_ @tlvbirdie

And being a gym rat, you’ll find within that line-up, the fitness gurus upon whose tabernacles I worship.  All experts, focused on specific parts of the body (that sounded so wrong, I know).  All of whom are an infinite source of inspiration and encouragement for me to go forth, and finish that one final set.

But enough about me.  What about you? 

Why do you follow the accounts you do?

Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

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  1. Nancy says

    I follow the blogs I read and the ones where I think that they are fun! I don t care if they have 20 or 20k followers. I don t follow automatisch back, I just check their account first.


    • Me too!!! It doesn’t matter the number of followers a person has 🙂 and I never ever do the follow for follow thing, it’s just not me xoxo


  2. Love this post! I definitely lean towards content. if I like their feed as a whole, I give them a follow! I also pay attention to the bio – where they’re from, their relevance to what I’m interested in, etc!


    • Hahahahaha!! I follow two or three accounts for pugs and one for funny children (sorry 😜) and a lot of fitness stuff xoxox


  3. robjodiefilogomo says

    I actually lean towards the underdogs! I like the accounts that don’t have tons of followers because I feel like you can actually have a conversation and “relationship”—you know, IG style!
    I need to start editing too—It’s like purging your closet!!


  4. MsChanda says

    I actually created a few different IG accounts to follow different genres. I have a fitness one where I try and document my own personal journey so I follow people in the same area for inspiration. I have one for my blog for people that don’t necessarily like to actually read, but want to get visual inspiration from me, which I appreciate my very cozy following. Then I have my main one that people from my YouTube channel come and follow which is a mosh of everything else. I’m a more visual person but I do love the thought of having my mind stimulated through a well thought out post. That’s why I love yours so much! I get to experience both! 😊


  5. I try to follow those peeps who offer me support. I also tend to find people from a few of the hashtags I use. Finally, I have my famous peeps that I just adore and aspire to. I’d like to get down to 160–wow that’s a very small number! I hope I always remain in it Sheela Goh!!

    Interesting post. I like it.

    Love, Ann from @krembdelakremb


  6. I started with IG just a few weeks ago, so I’m not there yet to try reduce people which I follow. I’m just trying to find insteresting people to follow. I love as well if somebody is different than me and I can learn something. That is what I’m looking for.
    Thank you for link up with Mz Red Carpet.

    Anna xoxo


  7. Honestly I don’t have enough time to keep up with instagram. Being a mom is first and instagram comes far down on that list. I have tried to keep the number low because it’s easy to miss things otherwise. I like to follow people who support me and who I try to support as well.


  8. Interesting topic. I choose not to follow any larger well known accounts. Mostly because they make me feel bad about my life.

    I like to follow smaller people that I feel I have a connection with, including my friends. I will sometimes follow someone back if I like their style or feel I can learn something from them. I never automatically follow back. There is only so much time in the day!



  9. I’m with Suzanne on this – there’s only so much time we can spend on IG and therefore it’s gotta be on the people we admire. I don’t follow the biggies as it seems so crazy to add myself to a list of 25k followers – why would I want to be lost in that crowd? I hate that false followers trend too where you just add volume to try to look popular. Thanks for the insight to your list of favourites. Another interesting post x


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  11. Social media – such a minefield. I decided long ago that I just have to do what works for me. I personally follow people who interest me, end of. I’m not interested in following people for the sake of it and to be frank most celebrities bore the pants of me. I’m not interested in selfies and inspirational quotes and I never do follow for follow sake – therein lies madness in my book!
    But it can be so hard not be get sucked into the craziness of what we should and shouldn’t be doing. I try to discipline myself to stick two fingers up to that – ha, ha – and do what makes me happy. I’m small fry on IG and I’m not interested in following thousands of people – it simply becomes meaningless – I have a hard time trying to keep up with my own IG account and the others that I follow as it is!



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