Day: 19 Sep, 2016

Into The Garden | Sheela Writes

Into The Garden

The power of florals is going strong. And shows no sign of wilting.   Without a doubt, the floral motif is one of the most successful generation-transcending print in the entire style planet, having navigated and adapted itself most dexterously across a plethora of communities, cultures, and age groups.  From the fresh-faced pig-tailed charm of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the (questionable shabby chic appeal of) drapes and frills of Laura Ashley, to edgy, graphic interpretations (think something weird, something beautiful the likes of Murakami for Vuitton and Anya Hindmarch’s SS 2017 Collection) and the rambunctious profusion of petals within the hallowed atelier halls of Schiaparelli, Dior as well as Margiela (all hail Galliano). Certainly when it comes life outside of blog posts and social media squares, flower power takes on a more subdued demeanour for most of us.  And no matter the degree to which we adorn ourselves with blooms, of one thing I’m certain.  We’ve all entertained thoughts of how our wardrobes could flourish by virtue of flora and fauna with the coming colder …