Into The Garden

The power of florals is going strong.

And shows no sign of wilting.


Without a doubt, the floral motif is one of the most successful generation-transcending print in the entire style planet, having navigated and adapted itself most dexterously across a plethora of communities, cultures, and age groups.  From the fresh-faced pig-tailed charm of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the (questionable shabby chic appeal of) drapes and frills of Laura Ashley, to edgy, graphic interpretations (think something weird, something beautiful the likes of Murakami for Vuitton and Anya Hindmarch’s SS 2017 Collection) and the rambunctious profusion of petals within the hallowed atelier halls of Schiaparelli, Dior as well as Margiela (all hail Galliano).

Certainly when it comes life outside of blog posts and social media squares, flower power takes on a more subdued demeanour for most of us.  And no matter the degree to which we adorn ourselves with blooms, of one thing I’m certain.  We’ve all entertained thoughts of how our wardrobes could flourish by virtue of flora and fauna with the coming colder months.

Into The Garden | Sheela WritesInto The Garden | Sheela Writes


So how do we get our wardrobes to flourish for Fall/Winter?

My instinctive response is, “Any bloody way we like!!”

And I sort of want to stick with that.  You know me.  Bit of a rebel.  I suppose what I’m trying to say (in an apparently disjointed fashion) is I don’t understand why certain colours appear reserved for specific seasons.  That perplexes just as much as when someone says a woman in her 40s ought not wear neither sequins nor leather.  Why should pastels be more of a Spring/Summer affair, and, conversely, rich jewel tones only make their debut when temperatures dip?  Along that same note, who decided that floral prints should be allowed to appear in concert with sunshiny warm days, and only then?

Into The Garden | Sheela WritesInto The Garden | Sheela Writes

Thankfully, designers AND notable style icons are realising that their attempts to curtail a woman (and bloom-enamoured man) from her increasing fondness of flowers is naught but an exercise in futility.  And rather illogical from a financial perspective.  All of which have resulted in a pretty procession of petals on both runways as well as street corners.  Indeed, floral patterns are everywhere and in every possible permutation.  From bright spots of botanical accents to dainty delicate delights and budding accessories (I couldn’t help myself), to full-blown romantic bouquets bedecking the form from head to toe, it’s no longer considered the act of a pariah to parade around in florets before Fall and/or Winter come a-calling.

Or to wear light sorbet colours whenever the mood strikes.  Without having to consider if something is deemed appropriate for a particular month of the year.


Into The Garden | Sheela WritesInto The Garden | Sheela Writes

Take for instance this outfit of mine.  To be perfectly honest, these photos were taken in April.  Yes, close to half a year ago.  Yet, what I wore then fits in just as perfectly now that we’re in Fall and, with a slight switch of accessories (and addition of layers), would also work beautifully as the days get colder.

That’s why Rania and I are working together today, to illustrate how flowers are year long staples.  Be it in terms of accessories or garments.  I’ve long admired Rania for her obvious disregard for wardrobe rules (a woman after my own heart) and her obvious ease when it came to wearing bold, statement pieces.  I mean, how exquisite does she appear with that floral crown?  Queen Titania much.  I’m particularly fascinated with how she took the theme literally and yet, the final look is decidedly very wearable, and not in the least bit costumey.

The Wardrobe Stylist

Do come back to see us on 17th October and 21st November as we share two more renditions of wearing florals in the coming colder months.  It’ll be interesting, pinkie swear.  Until then, let me leave you with these questions.

Do you only wear florals (and pastels) during Spring and Summer?

Or, are you like me, wearing them whenever you feel the urge?

Love, Sheela

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Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

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7 Replies to “Into The Garden”

  1. With all of the floral bomber jackets I’ve been seeing lately, I feel like a late bloomer—(had to do it)!!
    I love the idea of making every color perfect for every season—and every print & detail fabulous for every day!!
    Of course, as I say that, I sit here wearing burgundy & tan—but tomorrow I’ll put on the pink!!
    I would like to blame you for my latest sunglasses obsession—not that I’ve bought a ton (yet), but I’m working on it!!


  2. I do love an unapologetic floral – whether pastel or dark. My florals gotta make a statement though just like yours today despite them being pastel. Pastel can still pack a punch as you’ve shown.
    I veer away from itsy bitsy teeny weeny florals though as I feel I’m drowning in cuteness if I wear them and being short in height, I rather rail against being cute!
    I wear florals all year long in whatever colour takes my fancy! I tend to gravitate more to dark florals – I just love the richness of them. Reminds me of Dutch flower paintings – brimming, luscious, abundant and for me that’s a necessary counterpoint to the barreness of Winter which is why I do tend to wear rich jewel florals in Winter. Helps my mood as I suffer mild SAD.

    I need Rania’s green boots! They are divine.


  3. It’s always interesting to see what you have to say about any subject Sheela, as you write so well, and with a balanced vantage point too. For me, the seasons have no bearing on the patterns or colours I wear – I love a splash of orange to brighten up a winters day, or a black silk shirt if that my want on a sunny summer morning. Dare to be different used to be my moto, but now I just wear what I feel like, and if that’s something classy or conservative then that’s cool too. Keep sharing your thoughts my lovely lady as I love how your mind works x


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