Day: 7 Oct, 2016

Creativity As A Muscle & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Creativity As A Muscle & A Link-Up

Would it work the same way? If we exercised creativity like a muscle?   I haven’t been all that prolific lately.  The absence of posts all week is a clear sign. In fact, writers block struck approximately 7 days ago.  Since then, all I’ve been able to string together is sentences in my mind, scattered and random at best.  Not at all stimulating, neither for me nor you, I’m certain. The problem with the inability to write is that it can very quickly spiral into a chronic condition.  Truly.  The longer you allow it to fester, the tougher an obstacle it becomes to overcome. A MOLEHILL TURNS INTO A MOUNTAIN (note to self: be thankful you live in Houston wherein it stays warm for much longer so you can get away with an OTS top in October, disclosure: these photos were taken in July) Chambray Top (similar) | Rainbow Snakeskin Heels (option, option) | White Denim Jeans (Forever21) | Clutch (option) Sunnies & Jewellery (thrifted) When it comes to writing, the most challenging aspect for …