Day: 10 Oct, 2016

A Style Bootcamp | Sheela Writes

A Style Bootcamp

In the same ole, same ole? Batteries need a little recharging?   Last week, I talked about being in a creative rut.  You know, that moment when your mind is a naught but a black hole, completely devoid of thoughts, and you draw a blank in terms of what to write next?  Yes, that rut.  Today, I’m still on the same macro topic of being uninspired (seeing a pattern here) but this time, it focuses on style.  I suppose one could call it a style funk. OVERCOMING STYLE PARALYSIS In a manner of speaking. Everyone who blogs, or reads a blog post, shares a love and a passion for design, fashion, and clothes (in varying degrees of obsession, of course).  And a deep desire to make our visions for how we dress, how we look, how we present ourselves to the world, come to fruition.  But, for most of us, we are the ones holding ourselves back.  Confining ourselves within self-imposed cages that prevent us from venturing pass (invisible) boundaries, exploring, experimenting, trying new things.  …