Day: 12 Oct, 2016

Faeries Wear Boots Too | Sheela Writes

Faeries Wear Boots Too

Overcoming style paralysis. Getting rid of that mean ole funk.   Continuing on the topic of being uninspired (see original post here), today’s post addresses that first step towards salvation the light – knowing what it is that we love.  Remember this? “We need to accept that our opinions and tastes can, and will, change.  We need to put in the work to narrow down what we love, and realise it’s perfectly alright to have more than one thing that defines our style.  Lastly, and this one is a no brainer (albeit the hardest to pull off), we need to have confidence.  Only when we have confidence in the things we truly love, can we begin to move towards having a signature style.” Let me punctuate that further with this phrase. DO NOT FILL YOUR CLOSET WITH THINGS YOU LIKE, FILL IT WITH THINGS YOU LOVE Words from the wise indeed. Graphic White Tee (stolen borrowed from Eve, turned inside out because I forgot to pack a second tee shirt for this look) | Culottes …