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Mechanical Doll

Mechanical Doll | Sheela Writes

I’m a Barbie girl.

Life is plastic, it’s fantastic.


Surprised to see a post from me today?  I am too.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do it but when Catherine talked about writing every single day for a month, just to gauge the response from her readers, I thought I’d give it go as this was a goal I’d been hoping to achieve for quite some time now.  Of course, the main point is to complete a full month and thus far, for October, this represents my fourth post.  I’m nowhere near the daily blog parameter but hey, given that I’m writing for the third time this week, I’m encouraged.


Mechanical Doll | Sheela WritesMechanical Doll | Sheela WritesMechanical Doll | Sheela Writes

Drummer Tee  (Les Mechantes) | Floral Midi Skirt (option, option) | Heels (Ami Clubwear, similar) | Python Bag & Faux Pearls (Vintage) | Sunnies & Rings (thrifted)

You’ll also note that this isn’t going to be one of my usual pouring-out-my-heart story.  It’s going to be a easy, breezy read.  Unplanned in terms of content and structure.  I’m winging things as I go.  Literally.  And no, this isn’t a timed writing piece born out of the need to complete a challenge. This is self-imposed.  In the past, I rather enjoyed writing within the confinements of a timeframe.  I never know what will come out of my brain and into my hands as they type.

As such, friends, I’ve set the timer on for 15 minutes.  Let’s see what I come up with.

Mechanical Doll | Sheela WritesMechanical Doll | Sheela WritesMechanical Doll | Sheela Writes

One thing that’s dominant in my mind at this very moment is waterfalls.  Don’t ask me why.

Not the sound of water gushing forth.  Nor the imagery of beautiful blue water.  Just the word waterfalls, imprinted on my mind and, I suppose, viewed through my mind’s eye.  Isn’t that odd. Waterfall in graphic Black and White.  And that’s another unusual thing because I always visualise and dream things in glorious technicolour.  It’s something rare; I’ve been told.  I’m glad.  I can’t imagine not always seeing things in colour.  It would be so sad.

I did, at first, think it might be connected with the UTI I had a fortnight back (was that TMI?), you know, the sound.  Tinkling et al.

But I really don’t know.

Mechanical Doll | Sheela WritesMechanical Doll | Sheela WritesMechanical Doll | Sheela Writes

Now, I’m suddenly thinking birds.


Hitchcock’s birds and how, for the longest time ever, the mere sight of a bird would have me scuttling for cover.  Have you read the book?  I didn’t, but I was forced to watch the movie.  My mother and brother are horrid movie buffs.  There’s a special place in sparkling purple unicorn hell for them, I swear.

Is it normal to have momentary gaps in one’s thought process?

Even if it’s free, unbridled writing?

Mechanical Doll | Sheela WritesMechanical Doll | Sheela WritesMechanical Doll | Sheela Writes

Speaking of unbridled writing, I recall writing (a while back) how it’s something I’d dearly love to do on a regular basis but it appears I’ve been somewhat tardy in that department. Would it be alright for me to place all blame on a lot of things going on in my life the past few months?  You’ll probably find out what happened soon since I fully intend to do this “let it all out and let it go” pieces frequently from here on.

And that, my friends, is the end of today’s somewhat disjointed piece.

All 15 minutes of it.

Mechanical Doll | Sheela Writes

I’m doing something a little different today, and teaming up with Linda of A Labour Of Life to co-host Thursday’s “A Labour Of Fashion” Link-Up.  I’m a ginormous fan of the way she writes. So personal.  Genuine.  Real.  No BS.  And I’m also a diehard aficionado of Linda’s style.  I mean, she puts together the most unusual combinations that are striking showcases of print and of texture and of cut.  This woman has single-handedly resurrected my love for pairing black with white (she inspired this and this), for reals.  Don’t just take my word for it, mosey over to her blog and discover this for yourself, and remember to link up, loves.

Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.


  1. andreaswellnessnotes says

    Posting three times per week is a lot! I enjoyed your timed writing. When I teach writing classes, I do timed writing quite often in class. Some students love it and some hate it. It’s not for me but for them, and even quite a few of those who don’t like it at the beginning start to appreciate it over time.

    I love your skirt. Perfectly paired with the fun tee. And let me not even mention the shoes….


  2. Stream of consciousness writing is some of my favorite writing, both for myself and reading it from others. Yours had me on an adventure sailing through my mind over black and white waterfalls of roses while trying to avoid murderous birds (also in black and white).

    The outfit perfectly matched those images in my mind, although the murderous birds were really less harmful than I originally imagined. They were just hovering in hopes I might have some peanuts in my pocket. (Weird?) But seriously, you embody that black and white with a rosy waterfall thing with this outfit. There’s that sweet rose skirt turned punk rocker with the graphic tee. Set against the baseball fence, you’re ready for your album cover photo shoot.

    – Sherry


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