Karma Chameleon

Super versatile pieces.

Multitaskers of Herculean proportions.


A little while ago, I talked about pieces with versatile properties.  You know, those things which can be styled in a multitude of ways.  Take on different personas with each reincarnation.  Mainly this shirt dress.  I also asked if you’d be interested to witness its interchangeable properties.  And taking encouragement from your responses, I’ve since worn it twice more.

In completely different styles.

Here’s how I first wore it.

In its original button-down form.  I was in a rush to get a post out, and didn’t even think how else I could’ve presented the piece.  Those of bits of red really helped to infuse some personality and spunk.

Karma Chameleon | Sheela Writes

And then the second time around.

I wore it as a shirt.

That occasion, I had a temporary spot of genius, choosing to wear it as you see.  Loosely tied around the waist as part of a 3-piece outfit.  I really liked this one.  The super cool graphic grid wall helped.

Karma Chameleon | Sheela Writes

Today, I’ll show you the third way I’m wearing this truly wonder-of-a-pinstriped button-down shirt dress.  As a duster cardigan (no duh, Sheela) which, in retrospect, is probably how most people would’ve begun their journey into gaining as much mileage out of this garment as possible, I dare say.

I doubt I’ve stopped.  Thinking of different ways to use this, I mean.


Karma Chameleon | Sheela WritesKarma Chameleon | Sheela WritesKarma Chameleon | Sheela Writes

Pinstriped Dress Shirt  (Boohoo) | Cargo Pants (courtesy of CABI) | Tank Top, Sunnies & Jewellery (thrifted, similar) | Clutch & Heels (GX by Gwen Stefani)

The approach was to create something effortless.  Light.  Easy.  Carefree enough for a spot of informal lunch.  Sufficiently sharp to take on an unscheduled meeting.  Or two.  Take one comfortably through bumping into that mean high school girl (whose roots are now clearly showing coal black through that peroxide) and  and/or the ex (who’s so bowled over by how amazeballs I look, he splashes coffee all over those genuine leather shoes).


Karma Chameleon | Sheela WritesKarma Chameleon | Sheela WritesKarma Chameleon | Sheela Writes

I hardly ever wear varying shades of a colour in the one same outfit but it just appeared to work out quite aesthetically here.  And I don’t mind it all too much.  I feel that the contrast in fabrics used (including that of my heels) went a long way towards creating visual interest.

My main challenge was to change things up without the use of a belt.  No belt.  Sheela does not like most belts.  I always feel so restrained and confined while wearing one, as though I’m caught in the unrelenting, vice-like grip clutches of a girdle, or worse, period corset.

I’ve always wondered how women stand those contraptions.

Karma Chameleon | Sheela WritesKarma Chameleon | Sheela WritesKarma Chameleon | Sheela Writes


Walking around with them, seemingly effortlessly.  Still possessing of the ability to breathe, to speak (and not squeak).  Maintaining skin in its natural colour (and not having turned blue for lack of oxygen), and continuing to appear poised.  Chic.

That would not be me, my friends.

So tell me, how else would you style this particular piece of fabric?  I’m thinking I’d try it over a long sleeved turtleneck, either dress or top, with culottes.  Or perhaps a longer pencil skirt.  Then I might have a go wearing it tucked-in like a regular button-down, with a jacket.  And something for the bottom, of course.  I just don’t know what yet.  I’d love to hear your suggestions  🙂

Now, here’s a little surprise for all my American readers (I’m sorry!!  Customs forms are such a pain to deal with).  I’m giving away 5 Beauty Gift Packs (each one contains 3 mint sheet masks still nicely sealed and packaged, either from Korea or Taiwan, and a spanking new lipstick, all randomly selected from my personal trove Aladdin’s cave, all full size).  All you need do is vote and let me know which of these three outfits here is your absolute favourite.


Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s first photo by eve, all others by Sofia Touassa

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11 Replies to “Karma Chameleon”

  1. I love your creativity! Looking forward to what else you come up with! I like all three outfits, but since you make me choose, I think I like #3 best! I love the two shades of green together, and the colors look fabulous on you. The dress is the prefect finishing piece for the outfit!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


  2. I love your post and creativity. I am obsessed with your olive heels. Definitely versatile and stylish!
    from houseofcomil.com


  3. Darling, your creativity knows no end. I usually keep the styling of a piece one way. If I am adventurous: two. When I do more than two I feel I have won a styling award. Just haven’t got the time nor the skills. And as I have a large closet full of clothes, the necessity of trying to do more with what I have isn’t really there. This sounds vulgar, doesn’t it? Am I a rich bitch? I suppose I am.
    Anyway: you did great with these three outfit. Of course I love your heels. Funny that you feel a belt is restraining you, yet you can walk on these stillettos. The second but last picture shows something through your shirt, but I cannot see what it is. A tattoo?
    As for your YouTube and snapchat … I would love to give you my support, but I am tired enough keeping up with other blogs. Cannot handle anything more. Information overload.


  4. All three looks rock, my friend! I kept scrolling up and down to try to pick a favorite and, let me tell you, it was hard! I finally landed on the third look–the duster–because there is something just so fantastic about the gradations of color you used there. Don’t get me wrong, though–the red pops of color in the first look and that awesome black and white outfit against that black and white background — Art Incarnate, I tell you. I just couldn’t get over, though, how super chic that last look was with the duster acting as a grounding wire for the electric zing of the commingling colors. (And those SHOES!!!)

    Brava! I look forward to other outfits inspired by this dress!

    – Sherry


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