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1 Shaggy Green Tunic, 5 Ways

Back and forth.

A sartorial repartee.


Therein lies the essence of the Ping Pong Post project.  A series of the shuttling back and forth of selected items of clothing.  Accruing frequent flier miles like none other.  One same garment, crossing countless miles.  Travelling, in this instance, from Cornwall to Houston, then to Hong Kong, moving onwards to the Netherlands, then Scotland, before finally making its way back to that teeny little English island.  Brings new meaning to the phrase “mileage plus“, huh?

This month, it was a shaggy green number courtesy of Anna.  A piece completely covered with wee, fine hairs, strategically congregated into sassy clusters of fringe.  Tunic, yes.  Dress, yes too, for those of us who veer on the vertically challenged side of things (raising hand).


All fuzzy.

And very feisty.

And quite the jetsetter too.

Now, when the shaggy piece arrived, I was completely at a loss.  Baffled.  Bewildered.  Flummoxed.  My mind was blank.  The kind of completely-void-of-ideas situation wherein you’re left feeling drained and desperate.  I kid you not.  I had absolutely no idea what to do with it.  I vaguely recall sending Ann some candid photos of me looking all despondent and crestfallen, and very lost.  As the morning of my shoot dawned, I still had no godly idea what to do with it.  How to wear it, let alone fashion an entire outfit that would be remotely reflective of my personality and style aesthetics.



Frantic would be rather an understatement.  I flung things here.  I threw things there.  I pulled things from up high and from down low.  After a few minutes of this crazy-assed-woman activity, I paused.  To breathe.  Being physically mad takes quite a bit of energy, I’ve come to realise.  And while doing so, I noticed a leather+knit top lying right beside the shaggy one.

And to the right of them, a pair of navy blue legging with embroidered faux leather panels.

An outfit was born.


And that is really really REALLY how this look came to be.  I’m all for spontaneity and moments of serendipity but even I felt I was cutting it a wee bit too close for comfort.  I mean, seriously Sheela, you pulled yourself together just as the photographer (literally) knocked on your front door (truth).

Suffice to say, I was very happy the shaggy one and I bonded in the end.  And (very pleasantly) surprised with how much I like the end results.  And even more pleased that I did not let Anna (and the other ladies) down.  One really needs to be at one’s best when in the company of such thoughtfully stylish women.  Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean.

Anna (anna’s island style)

Anna's Island Style

Is it just me or does Anna exude this rock n roll superstar vibe in anything everything she wears?  Her outfit choices are always loud but never tacky.  Colourful and bold with nary a hint of being garish.  Always fun, playful, unexpected, and I very happily worship at her tabernacle for all those traits.  Here, those accents of zesty orange and dramatic animal print are so perfect I feel I’ve bumped into a retired celebrity, enjoying a evening stroll.

Sam (fake fabulous)

Fake Fabulous

Everyone knows Sam’s amazing talent to mix and match print and pattern with vivid pops of colour.  But not everyone (yet) knows how equally deft a hand she has in pairing textures.  Look at how plush those fine green needles of fabric look when placed beside the creamy, statement purls and weaves of her oversized cardigan.  And although this may not be Sam’s signature palette, she clearly is just as brilliant when working with neutrals.

Anne (kremb de la kremb)

Kremb de la Kremb

This one here.  Smart as a fox.  An ever so stylish fox at that.  When everyone else was trying to decipher whether to wear the green piece as a tunic or dress or top, Anne went straight for the jugular, I mean neck.  And hey presto, it’s a scarf.  The funnest, coolest, most chic scarf I’ve seen in an awfully long time!!  How absolutely brilliant a sartorial move was that?  And to wear it with suede shorts in that divine shade of rust was icing on the cake.

Greetje (no fear of fashion)

No Fear Of Fashion

I’ve always appreciated Greetje’s style of dressing.  Classy and classic, with bits and pieces of whimsy and quirk thrown in to reflect her personality.  And this outfit is the perfect representation of that.  A crisp button-down to provide contrast.  Leather pants to show off legs that go on for miles (hate love hate her).  Pointy-toed boots to further elongate.  And a super cool (Jade, I think?) choker for a little somethin’ somethin’.

And me, Sheela (sheela writes)

Sheela Writes

The shaggy one worn with a leather and knit tank top over it.  Leggings featuring embroidered panels of faux leather.  A JCrew belt worn around the neck.  Pops of yellow here and there.  Note how the sleeves look like epaulets in some shots, creating the illusion of me in a suit of armour.  Sheela likes.

Do YOU like?

How do YOU think we did?

By the by, there won’t be a Project Sister Act Link-Up tomorrow because I’m going to be in Dallas, baybee!!  For the inaugural Sally Beauty Summit.  Follow me on Snapchat @sheela.goh or my Instastories, I’m @sheelagoh there to see everything that happens!!!

Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s photos by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.


  1. No Fear of Fashion says

    Dear Sheela, you have such a way with words. I have been reading this post, green with envy (the good sort, the sort “I wish I could do this”). I even had to look up quite a few words. I feel that this is quite an obstical for me and my blog as I cannot be as eloquent (ly?) as I want to be and as I can in my own language. Oh well. I have to live with that.. Onwards…
    I think you have styled it perfectly. Exactly your style, out of the box, creative. I have had some outfits come together in what seems to be a lucky throw, but it is not coincidence. Don’t forget, it is the creative eye that sees the opportunities. Even though the pieces are there on the bed, does not make it an oufit yet.
    Loved to have been in the Ping Pong Post with you.


    • Oh thank you so much, Greetje. I read all posts with great delight, soaking up every word. There’s something to be said about being straight to the point and succinct, my friend, everything you share comes across clearly and genuinely, and I doubt there’s anyone who would want you to write differently from the way you currently do 🙂 I’m just very relieved things turned out the way they did with this outfit. It could’ve gone horribly South so easily (big sigh of relief). Here’s to more joint efforts in the future xoxo


  2. Sheela, I have finally made it to your blog to bask in the warmth of inspiration I always see on your Instagram and Facebook feeds. Although I wish I had made it here sooner, I’m thrilled to be here now to take in this fun (and funny!) post! Your writing made me giggle out loud, only because you expressed so perfectly the frustration of trying to put an outfit together, one made even more frustrating because you know others are waiting and counting on you. The final result was worth all the hand-wringing and forehead-rubbing–I love what you did with the tunic/topper/scarf! The texture of the top, along with that great color, just sing when paired up with your leather top and blue leggings. The yellow pops it all together and makes it so you!

    I’m off now to keep reading and do a little catch-up on your blog! Stay tuned for more comments!

    – Sherry


    • Welcome to my world, Sherry!!! Thank you so much for taking time to leave me all those comments, I enjoyed reading every single one of them 🙂 don’t you find that comments are often the catalyst for future posts? And yes, all that hair-pulling and hand-wringing worked out, thank the sartorial lords above. I was SO frazzled. If you’ve had a chance to read Ann’s post/comments, you’ll see how we were both sending each photos, trying to discern a stylish end result to this dilemma GRIN xoxo


  3. Thank you Sheela for taking part this month. You and Greetje have added an extra dimension to our threesome and it’s fabulous to see all the different styling that’s come forth from such a frankly, bizarre item. I love that everyone created something so very different, and yet so in keeping with their own personality. I have to ask how tall you are? Petite covers many inches from tiny to almost average – tell me do. It’s been fun – thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for having me, Anna!!! It was SUCH a challenge and because of that, such a triumphant sensation when my outfit finally came together 🙂 how tall am I? All of five feet GRIN ergo the 5″ heels all the time xoxo


  4. palettepop says

    I love all the 5 ways. Great content! Keep it flowing in!



  5. It may have taken some worry and fret but it was worth it! You did an awesome job styling this extremely unique piece. Hot! You made it look very funky and I don’t think you compromised your unique style whatsoever! I loved seeing what others have done. Everyone made it there own. Great idea!


    • Big sigh of relief. That was my main concern. To make it look decent, to make it mine 🙂 thank you so much!!! Most times, I question my style tastes which ultimately leads to second-guessing. And that is not a good thing 🙂 xoxo


  6. I love all these awesome ways each of you saw the same piece! Finding different ways to wear such a unique is so neat to see! You ladies rock that fuzzy stringy furry tunic? Dress? Scarf? Nice job!



    • Hi Ruth!!! Thank you loads and loads!!! The concept of Ping Pong Posts is just genius. Like the movie, The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants, save efforts are photographed and documented and shared with the world through a slightly different lens GRIN


  7. Nancy says

    Fabulous! Just fabulous. You write as if you are my neighbor. As a friend. As if we really get to know you! That’s great. And these series are the best. Out is do fantastic to see how you all look so different with the same garment! Keep up the good job!


    • Thank you so very much, Nancy!!! I try my best to do that with every post so your comment really means quite a bit to me, and makes me feel very encouraged xoxo


    • Hey Olya!! Thank you!! So very much!! It’s gorgeous, alright, and a smidge of a challenge but we managed to pull it off, thankfully!!!


  8. robjodiefilogomo says

    I actually had a sweater that looked like this—until I got stupid and put it in the washer (what was I thinking?)
    Anyways—I absolutely love the idea of this leather shirt over it.
    I usually think I’m good at layering, but only in the ways I’ve done in the past. And this proves, I need to try to think more “Sheelaish”!! Because it’s brilliant!!


    • Oh dear. Did it become a Sully? Or a cropped Sully? I personally think you’re brilliant at layering, Jodie, and I’m not just saying that 🙂 xoxo


    • Thanks so much, Sheree, I really like how the look turned out in the end. Very edgy, very unexpected, so very me 🙂 xoxo


  9. What a fun and delightful post. I love this idea of one garment traveling the word and styled by all these bloggers. I may have to borrow the idea and find some plus size blog sisters to do try this!!!
    thank you for linking up to #UntamedStyle and supporting my blog! ❤


    • Thank you, Rosie!!! Too bad it didn’t get to stay home with me 🙂 or maybe it was for the better. I would probably be quite stumped each time I attempted to create an outfit around it.


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