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My Affair With Flowers

My Affair With Flowers | Sheela Writes

A little wink here.

A coy glance over there.


So, yes, I’ve had an odd relationship with flowers.  Both from real-life as well as sartorial perspectives but start the post rolling, I’ll address the former first.

When I was much younger, in my pursuit to completely strain against the rules of conventionality, I made a conscious decision to dislike anything society typically adores embraces.  Things such as twinsets (even dresses at one point), court shoes, jeans, pearls, and, yes, roses.  Particularly the red ones.  I pooh poohed them.  I tsk tsked them.  Then as my age increased, that streak of rebellion eased up a wee bit.  I decided twinsets weren’t all that bad so long as they veered on the side of hipster and preppy, collegiate even, as versus grannies, mothballs, and kerchiefs.  I began wearing (some) dresses.  Jeans too.


My Affair With Flowers | Sheela WritesMy Affair With Flowers | Sheela WritesMy Affair With Flowers | Sheela Writes

Although, to this day, I still hate pearls. 

And you’ll never catch me in a pair of court shoes.

At this juncture, I feel compelled to apologise to both Dennis and Cyril, boys I’d dated when I was 15, maybe 16.  Two guys who suddenly found themselves left on the wayside for no other reason save that they’d presented me with red roses.  Clearly, what was a romantic overture in their eyes was naught but a nail in the coffin from where I was standing.  Although, in my defense, the rose Dennis gave me was plastic, and meant for the fish tank.  You know, you plonk it at the bottom of the aquarium, and once it’s plugged in, wee bubbles start emerging from the “petals“.

And, no, Eve, it wasn’t cute.

My Affair With Flowers | Sheela WritesMy Affair With Flowers | Sheela WritesMy Affair With Flowers | Sheela Writes

From the perspective of wearing florals, no.  It wasn’t my thing.  For the longest time, too.  I couldn’t even look at a print of flowers and not think Laura Ashley.  Dust-covered drapes.  Little old ladies sipping tea from porcelain cups with perfectly matched saucers.  Urgh.  And when I said garments featuring floral (or fauna, for that matter) simply weren’t part of my style agenda, I meant I did not wear anything remotely floral for the first 37 years of my life.  Yup.  That long.  And my first foray into that secret garden?  A sports bra.  You heard me.  Sports bra.  Pretty flowers in dusky rose, sage, and lavender.


And have not looked back since.  Happily sporting flower rings on my fingers.  Floral heels on my feet.  In blazers.  Pants.  Dresses.  Leather.  Velvet.  In all permutations, in all palettes.

My Affair With Flowers | Sheela WritesMy Affair With Flowers | Sheela WritesMy Affair With Flowers | Sheela Writes

Mia Dress, gifted (Karina Dresses) | Lace Ballerina Heels (ShoeDazzle) | Still Surprise You Turquoise & Tiger Eye Chokers (worn as bracelets), gifted (Ettika) | Sunnies, Rings & Suede Fringed Denim Jacket (Poshmark) | Fringed Clutch (StitchFix)


Which brings me right down to today’s post.

Remember last month when Rania and I put together some outfits to showcase how flowers shouldn’t be viewed as seasonal?  That they are, in truth, year long staples?  As an extension of that mantra, take a look at what we’re wearing here.  At a time when temperatures are lower than they were in September (well, some of the time here in Houston), when layers are required.  And how the floral print transcends season.  Transcends trends.

And how it works beautifully no matter if you’re going for a bohemian vibe look or a rock n roll vibe.  Whether your florals are delicate or bold, or paired with texture or another print.  Case in point, the gorgeous Rania.

The Wardrobe Stylist

Don’t forget to come back on 21st November as we share our final rendition of wearing florals when the air turns nippy, and the nights get longer.  And perhaps when Houston (finally) becomes sufficiently chilly to don some hardcore layers.  Pray for us.

I’m also doing a little somethin’ somethin’ extra today, with Laura, of I do deClaire.  I adore Laura!!  Just let me get it out right here, right now.  She is the nicest, cooliest person ever.  And it doesn’t hurt that she’s also one of the most stylish working mothers of her generation.  Seriously, this woman always looks so put together.  Collected, poised, with nary a strand of (gorgeous) hair awry.  When Eve was that young, the best words to describe me would be “frazzled“, “unkempt“, “messy“.  For reals.  Thank you, Laura, for letting me co-host today’s segment of Confident Twosday with you.  I’ve been your fan groupie for ages now.  But then, you knew that.

Link away, ladies!!!

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Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

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  1. I’m with you- super girly looks just don’t feel like ME, so I avoid ’em. Especially over-the-top girly florals. But I love this on you! The darker background makes it moody rather than sweet. And that jacket + shoes give it edge!

    Le Stylo Rouge


    • I hear you, girl. I can’t stand anything saccharine sweet or remotely Barbie. Shudder. And I can’t imagine you in any of those things either, it’d be so weird GRIN #webebadass


  2. You are rocking that floral dress! I love the edge you added with the fringed jacket and bag! I am very picky about florals, too. I love darker backgrounds and avoid those elderly looking prints with muted colors and large flowers. Also, those shoes need to be mine. They are absolutely fabulous! But then your shoes always are! Thanks for co-hosting!


    • Yes, that’s the word, elderly!! OMG like I’m celebrating my sunset years with an old lady (with a gazillion cats) floral print hahaha!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to co-host with you today, Laura, and for your very kind words. I’ve always been the odd one out, never quite fitting in anywhere, with anyone, and, because of that, run a smidge short in the self-confidence category. Reading what you wrote of me was such an ego-booster xoxoxo #wearebadassmums


    • Thank you, Elise. It was a challenge to take this dress from being merely a floral print garment to something that was closer to my own aesthetics. And that dark, rich teal certainly helped set the overall tone 🙂


  3. robjodiefilogomo says

    It is quite the interesting thoughts of how we have evolved in our styles, don’t you think?
    I was not really a tomboy, but I did not like lace or flowers much as a younger girl either. I’m sure part of it, is the needing to be an individual and thus I would tend not to like what my mom did (and I still struggle with this)
    But I’m going to suggest that maybe part of the difference is blogging and the styles. Maybe the flower prints are cooler now? I remember the long, shapeless dresses with the tiny little flowers on them (it still makes me throw up in my mouth)—and really, that’s not how they are anymore!
    Like your dress–the colors are gorgeous…there’s nice shaping and yet there’s still sexiness showing off your decolletage.
    I’m sure it gets quite boring (ha ha) hearing how your shoes just spark electricity in my head—so I’ll change it up and tell you I’m coveting your sunglasses instead!!


    • I think you have several valid points here, Jodie. I too, struggled to find my own identity and in trying to do so, steered clear of everything my mum liked/wore. She loved frilly, short-sleeved white blouses a la the late Princess Di, full skirts, and big-ass belts with heavy metal buckles. To this day, I own nothing within any of those categories. But your other spot-on insight about the evolution of the floral print itself, and the changes in silhouettes is also pertinent. Today’s prints AND colour waves are so much more appealing. And even when a floral dress is shapeless, it is cut intentionally so with something edgy to up the quotient. I really enjoy reading your comments, I must tell you, I always experience an “a-ha” moment.


  4. This dress looks fab on you! I never would have guessed in a million years it is a Karina.

    I must ask…just how many pairs of freakin’ fabulous shoes do you own? You must do a post on your shoe closet. Aspiring Imelda Marcos wannabes need to know.



    • Hahaha!!! I have quite a few pairs, yes, that I do. I even used to have a shoe room. All 567 pairs safely nestled in their individual boxes, with a Polaroid on the front of the box so I know precisely which pair was which. All organised by colour then heel height. Those were the glory days. Before Eve came along and my shoe room was turned into her playroom 😛

      And yes, that dress is so completely not me at first glance, is it? I admit it took a little thinking before the fringed denim jacket pulled everything together 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Megan!!! Everything just came together nicely, which rarely happens when pulling an outfit (groan) #bloggerproblems xo


  5. I rebel against roses as well – in a world of beautiful flowers, what makes the rose superior? I suppose it’s status symbol alone is what made me dislike it, and while I try not to scorn anyone presenting me with one, I would definitely prefer other flowers.

    As for floral prints, they go through cycles, those dainty little 90’s florals have bloomed into vibrant statement pieces, who could blame you for warming to them?


  6. stinedurfdl says

    Ahhh…my beautiful rebel friend. You took that floral print dress and made it your b**ch, yes you did. You are owning it. The dress itself is gorgeous, I love the colors. But it’s the fringed denim and bag and those smokin’ hot shoes that make it all Sheela. And omg, it is hysterical that some delusional hormonally challenged boy gave you a fish tank flower…lol! Poor thing; he was probably so proud of himself.


  7. shelbeeontheedge1 says

    Oh dear Sheela, I cannot even believe how your style evolution resembles my style evolution so closely! I, too, went through that rebellious stage against all things conventional, romantic, trendy, etc. etc. etc. And now here I am in my forties embracing it all in my own unique (and sometimes not even so unique) way. And while I cannot believe how very similar our stories are, I also am not surprised in the least…because, as you know, you are one of my very favorite style icons! You are looking gorgeous as usual in this fabulous dark floral dress and those amazing velvet shoes. I swoon….once again!

    Hugs, love, and all that jazz,



  8. I am a firm believer in floral prints, any time anywhere! I love your look and I am living for that fringe denim jacket!


  9. You had me LOLing about your bfs. Poor guys! Totally with you on not wanting to do the “cool thing.” I also am not a huge floral fan, but this dress is AWESOME! I really like the black backdrop and blue flowers. I could totally see myself wearing it. Thanks for the inspiration🙂


  10. I’m in love with that dress! Huge fan of floral prints as long as they stay on the cool side and away from the grandma side. That denim jacket is the bomb.


  11. Jess says

    Yes! I thought I spotted a Karina Dress on you! Love the pattern. You know I love florals, but there are many other facets of my style too. I am glad you decided to give it a go as it does suit you! the style of dress is fab, love it with those sexy heels!!
    thanks for linking up with turning heads tueday
    jess xx


  12. I’m a huge floral fan! I’m so in love with fall florals right now! You look great in this dress! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  13. Love the floral dress! I was like you when I was younger I never liked floral things because it was too girly but now I can’t get enough of it.


  14. Sheela, I was like you … I didn’t like the whole flowery dress thing. I guess when I was younger it was a little too girly for me. Now that I’m older I find myself gravitating to colorful bold patterns … boho chic for me lol

    I love the dress it looks fabulous on you and the funky shades are to die for! xo


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