Day: 28 Oct, 2016

Being Glam & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Being Glam & A Link-Up

What does glam mean? An over-the-top outfit perhaps?   Is it wearing sufficient make-up to rival that of a Kardashian?  Or some really well made undergarments that support, lift, and defy gravity?  I mean, really, what constitutes glam?  Looking all dolled up?  Or does it begin with feeling like you’re a million bucks? HAVE WE COME TO ASSOCIATE GLAMOUR WITH A PARTICULAR STYLE? As versus, you know, the impression of attraction (or fascination) that a carefully orchestrated appearance creates?  It could be a luxurious facade.  Or one exuding elegance.  Carefully orchestrated, with much thought and deliberation, to appear completely and utterly effortless.  Contrived nonchalance, if you like, carved to make an impression appear better than it actually is. Garments (thrifted) | Ruffled Collar (A Leap Of Style) (option) | Heels (Bakers) I would argue that it is both. Both the clothes we put on our bodies as well as how we feel.  The sequence of which comes first is, however, fluid.  Sometimes it’s a particular outfit which makes us stand a little taller, shoulders back, …