Day: 31 Oct, 2016

The Fab 40s Go Preppy | Sheela Write

The Fab 40s Go Preppy

Penny loafers. Twinsets. Button-Downs.   I can easily trace my first encounter with the Sloane Ranger look when the late Princess Di entered my world.  It was 1980.  I was but a babe.  Borderline obsessed with royalty and fairy tale endings, with the fascinating world of style, beauty.  Completely intrigued by designers, and their sketches, how they derived inspiration, the process of putting together a collection.  Pinning, draping, the use of muslin, the importance of a signature house dress form. Not much has changed in the past 3 decades, I see. Sloane Rangers, yes.  Or Sloanies.  A recognisable tribe of yuppies that dressed in a manner that was well-bred, slightly above mainstream fashion, and a wee bit posh.  With a predilection for the countryside and, as such, their wardrobe contained reflected this somewhat (glamping, anyone?).  Favourite haunts include Sloane Square in Chelsea, London. It was this outfit in particular worn by Princess Di which has remained in my memory all these years.  The turtleneck.  Corduroy blazer.  Pinstriped pencil skirt.  Shiny, well-polished pumps.  To me, that …