Day: 14 November, 2016

Boy Oh Boy | Sheela Writes

Boy Oh Boy

Steal his style? Add some mannish flair to your closet?   We’ve all been accused of always wanting what we can’t have (no fibbing now), and that definitely extends to our wardrobe.  Or perhaps, to be more accurate, I should say it stems from our wardrobe?  And even though we own pretty, flirty pieces,  the occasional frou frou statement garment, and sassy numbers aplenty, there’s something about man-centric designs that simply calls to us, singularly and persistently, akin to the siren song of Black Friday sales. Despite conservative (read: archaic) mindsets, there is no loss of femininity when she wears something that belongs to him.  When a woman wears what is traditionally male garb, she converts the garment into something that’s entirely feminine.  And it is the very paradox which makes the entire affair ever so alluring.  After all, who can say what constitutes men’s wear and women’s wear?  Suppose that women are not borrowing apparel from men, but merely taking back something that was once theirs? NOW THAT’S FOOD FOR THOUGHT Navy Blue Vest …