Day: 18 Nov, 2016

A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up

Sharing a sneak (or two). The going-ons in this life of mine.   When I first talked about what’s been going on in my world, I really had no idea what to expect.  As in how you’d react, whether anyone would even bother to leave a comment because we all know I don’t precisely lead the most exciting and wild of lives.  I occasionally very seldom eat out thanks in part to health as well as fitness goals, which are the same reasons why I hardly, if ever, attend events.  It’s hard to when you can’t (a) drink anything except water (b) eat anything without asking a million questions on what’s inside, what it was cooked with, even spices used to marinate/flavour the damn thing (c) stand for long because your knees will swell and let’s face it, no one looks good hobbling on 5″ heels, no matter how killer their shoes may be. I was pleasantly surprised when that post received one of the highest number of comments.  Ever.  In my blog history.  Thank …