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A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up

A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Sharing a sneak (or two).

The going-ons in this life of mine.


When I first talked about what’s been going on in my world, I really had no idea what to expect.  As in how you’d react, whether anyone would even bother to leave a comment because we all know I don’t precisely lead the most exciting and wild of lives.  I occasionally very seldom eat out thanks in part to health as well as fitness goals, which are the same reasons why I hardly, if ever, attend events.  It’s hard to when you can’t (a) drink anything except water (b) eat anything without asking a million questions on what’s inside, what it was cooked with, even spices used to marinate/flavour the damn thing (c) stand for long because your knees will swell and let’s face it, no one looks good hobbling on 5″ heels, no matter how killer their shoes may be.

I was pleasantly surprised when that post received one of the highest number of comments.  Ever.  In my blog history.  Thank you very very very much.  It made me feel all good and warm and fuzzy on the inside, really really.

So here we go, one more time, me and my last week (or thereabouts).

A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela WritesA Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

First, I had a shoot, the results of which you see here (and in Wednesday’s post).

It’s been increasingly hard to find locations to take photos in Houston.  Well, locations that are of the vibe I prefer.  A lot of bloggers here tend to be partial to pretty surroundings, pretty and/or artsy (read: 3D installation projects, murals, and other painted walls of that nature), of which there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed, let me hasten to add.  But personally, I like a raw, industrial atmosphere.  Something in complete contrast with what I’m wearing.  I find beauty in what society typically labels as “ugly“.  I like warehouses, and metal recycling dumps, and abandoned cars/buildings.  I find the idea of traipsing around farms in the most dramatic of dresses (and the prospect of chickens, ducks, maybe even horses, as impromptu props), immensely appealing.

That’s probably why today’s line-up of photos is one of my absolute faves.

And have I mentioned we’ve been shooed off several seemingly public locations?  There was this deserted spot behind the sleep centre (just about 5 minutes from my house) which we’d used before in the past (here, here, here, here).  One day, about a month ago, Eve was striking a pose when this insane creature of a woman started screaming from a window, all the way up the top floor of a building adjacent to this spot (adjacent, mind you).  She was banging on the table and yelling her head off, threatening to call the police if we didn’t leave.  Our photographer, and videographer, and Eve, were petrified.  I, on the other hand, was pissed.  Like WTF.  I just looked at her, turning red, and shaking her fist at us, and calmly told the ladies to finish what they were doing, and only then would we leave.  I couldn’t believe what was happening!!!!

A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela WritesA Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Then on Tuesday, I had a professional cleaning lady come in.  It was the very first time I’d used a service.  Elia, our housekeeper, has been with us since 2010, and we adore her.  However, in 2011, they found a tumour in her husband’s brain which he had to have removed, something he refused to do.  That is until two weeks ago.  Since then, she’s been staying home to take care of him during this recovery period (the surgery was a success, incidentally, thank heavens).  In the meanwhile though, the house continued to get dustier and dirtier as any house is wont to do when (1) people live in it (2) the kitchen is used most extensively to prepare and cook 3 meals each and every single day (3) I need a break, like seriously.

Have you ever heard of Living Social?  I use that website, quite a bit in fact, because there are a lot of deals on it, and I like a good deal, don’t you?  So when we were hunting around for someone to keep things together whilst Elia is out of commission, I went straight there (no, I’m not an affiliate, I just love them).


See, I feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable when someone older (than me) is doing any form of manual labour (for me).  I’ve always been that way.  It’s like asking my dad to wash my car, you know?  Or my mum to do my laundry.  I feel all sorts of guilty and weirdness although I know that I’m actually helping them earn an honest living, and that they feel wonderful when they feel needed and valued.

To cut a long story short, June (the lady the service sent over) was nothing short of lovely, the house looked and smelled clean yet again, and I need to get over feeling odd about these things.  If I can.  I have to, actually, because she’ll be here again come Monday.

A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela WritesA Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Fast forward a few days.

Since nothing interesting happened in between.

My man and I, we went for our very first Tango Dance lesson!!  It was such a long time coming.  Pierluigi has been wanting to learn how to tango since the first day we met so that would mean he’s been harbouring a (not so subtle) desire for the last 14 and a half years.  A desire I decided to turn into reality when I purchased a session of three lessons as a Christmas gift for him, cough, in 2015.  Yes, he sat on it for almost an entire year.  Honestly, I think the fact that the voucher was about to expire was what catapulted him into action.  Sigh.

We had a lovely time 🙂  like a date night.  Not like.  It was a date night.  We learned the basics of the Tango, the Cha-cha-cha, and even managed a brief Rhumba routine.  I don’t know if you caught any but I did manage to slip in a few videos on my Instatories.  I’ll share more next week, from our next lesson, on whether we manage to keep it together, or just end up in a tangled, sprained heap on the dance floor whilst Dimitri (our dance instructor) looks on.

A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela WritesA Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

Gold Baptismal Bracelets (borrowed from husband) | Camel & Black Panther Embellished Velvet Kimono (Jaded London, option, option) | Strapless Black Jersey Dress (thrifted, option, option) | Genuine Snakeskin Boots (Bakers, option, option) | Wool Beret (Forever21, option, option) | African Kente Fabric & Leather Clutch (option, option) | Rings (gifted)

And that’s it, my friends.

A rather uneventful week and a half. 


Plus I’m celebrating having lost 45lbs thus far, just another 25lbs more to go.

Now, I’m happily welcoming you to the third (and final) episode of the “no such thing as a gender-specific item of clothing” movement, jointly presented to you by Jodie and her ladies, Eve, and myself (see the first installment here, featuring our men’s shirts, and second part here, wherein we borrowed their accessories).  For our concluding story, we’re telling style tales of metal and of gold, and of silver.  This time around, we’re celebrating the use of jewellery from our menfolk in the form of tie clips and cuff links and bracelets.  Tell me what you think.

Eve, Teens (the world according to eve)

The World According To Eve

I know you can’t really tell from this photo but baby girl here, she took a Peace symbol cuff link from my man and pinned it on her choker, and voila.  Can we also take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness of her velvet burnout dress???  It’s rare that I get to see her in a dress, and a short one, for that matter, so this is a very special moment for me.  To witness Eve embracing her femininity in a strong, confident fashion.  I’m so proud.

Sheela, 40s (sheela writes)

A Week In My Life 2 & A Link-Up | Sheela Writes

I wanted to really play up the pair of gold baptismal bracelets I found carefully stored away in delicate tissue.  To me, they epitomised everything wonderful about my husband.  Beautiful, inside and outside.  Enduring.  Strong yet yielding when needed.  Precious.  I’m having such a sappy moment.  Anyway, I like love this look.  It came together as I’d envisioned, which doesn’t happen very often, as you know from my rants.

Jodie, 50s (jodie’s touch of style)

Jodie's Touch Of Style | Jodie

Here’s Jodie, wearing her husband’s leather choker stud accessory with such flair.  Deftly turning it into something completely non gender specific (as all timeless pieces tend to be) and fresh (white skinnies, yo).  It’s interesting to note that despite the perceived “manly” elements worn (jeans, brogues, blazer), her outfit looks completely feminine and female yet remaining very powerful and empowered.  I heart.

Nancy, 60s (jodie’s touch of style)

Jodie's Touch Of Style | Nancy

That poncho drapes ever beautifully, Nancy, like ripples of the softest, most plush fabric.  And it doesn’t hurt to have that polka dotted blouse underneath it, providing an endearingly whimsical touch to the entire look.  I like that the pants are kept sleek to not detract, and that she chose to wear silver slip-ons for a touch of cool.  You so cool, Nancy.  And clever.  To use that tie clip as an accent brooch.

Charlotte, 70s (jodie’s touch of style)

Jodie's Touch Of Style | Charlotte

Finally, we have Charlotte, in an interesting cardigan.  Or is it a knit blazer?  However you call it, the colour is GORGEOUS.  And provides the perfect foil for a twinning of cuff links dotting the collar like the prettiest of pins.  I wasn’t expecting the lavender turtleneck nor the jeans, to be perfectly honest, so thank you, for these sartorial surprises.  I’m going to have to give this outfit a try, I feel, with a Sheela spin.

There you have it, friend, our take on the world of menswear.  Which of the three segments has been your favourite?  Mine is probably today’s with the one on Wednesday coming in a close second.  And no, this won’t be the last time we do something together (Jodie, her ladies, Eve, me), watch this space for another special collaboration coming up next month.

Until then, don’t forget to link-up.

And never forget that you’re magnificent, you’re wonderful, you’re loved.

Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.





  1. I so enjoyed reading about your’e week Sheela. I get how proud you must be of Eve, she is so beautiful. Tango! I can’t wait to hear about that. Your dietary requirements interest me. I might have to message you about that. I can only drink water, tea or coffee, and can only eat certain things.I know what a pain in the backside that can be x


  2. robjodiefilogomo says

    Ahhh…my Sheela dear! Can we talk about how interesting it is that we crave to know the details of each other’s lives. Thus why the reality shows prosper on and on!
    You could start your own reality blog to endear us with your fun facts of the week!
    And it doesn’t surprise me that you’ve lost the 45 pounds—seeing those workouts that you’ve been doing has been nothing but inspirational. Of course, the weight loss does not make you any more beautiful or strong—you were all that beforehand! But it is a success which gives us feelings of power and joy!!
    And your places of photos has always been so different and interesting. It goes to show how just like people, everyone & everyplace has it’s own specialness!


  3. Liz says

    I love the little glimpses of your life that you share. I have a hard time finding locations where I live too. The ones that I love are heavily populated and overrun with strangers walking around yelling at the air. I had a similar incident when my sister used to photograph me. We found this gorgeous building and were shooting. The next I know, some lady runs out and threatens to call the police. Mind you, we were standing on the public sidewalk… Not breaking and entering. People are crazy.



  4. I like industrial backgrounds, too. and my husband (and photographer) loves them! But we usually improvise: there’s no plan, we just go with the flow and use whatever we find. Especially now in winter, with snow and all, we use locations nearby, for obvious reasons.
    BTW, that duster coat/kimono-type of thing you’re wearing, it’s fabulous!


  5. I love this look Sheela and totally appreciate your need for interesting backdrops!! I like a variety too, from natural beauty/picturesque to abandoned houses 🙂


  6. Ok, first off the kimono/wrap….FABULOUS! And the boots, as always, you have the BEST shoes! I love the background of your photos. I am always trying to find an interesting background here in suburbia, but I think I just have not looked in the right place. I love the gorgeous kimono against the urban background! Loved reading about your week!


  7. I absolutely adore this outfit Sheela! The velvet is so rich and the embroidery is gorgeous. I love that you are sharing pieces of your life and I’m glad that it resonated with everyone else as well.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom


  8. Sheela enjoyed your blog. I couldn’t believe someone will chase you away while shooting, people could be mean.
    I love the way you incoporate the ring into your style. I can wait to see your tango session pictures.


  9. Your kimono looks amazing, love how you styled it:) Love all your features too, really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop.


  10. We never go out either, although for different reasons than yours. I enjoy reading the minutia of your life…actually I think you’re on to something there. I agree with you, it is sometimes tough to come up with truly thought provoking, interesting and/or amusing content on a consistent basis so perhaps I’ll borrow your idea. 🙂 I think I told you on Instagram, but I’ll tell you again; you have been killin’ it with your outerwear/top layer game lately. I’m drooling over this kimono and tonight I am ordering that blue duster you wore the other day. I really think I’m starting to covet your jacket/duster collection more than your shoes…lol!


  11. zahrasandberg says

    Lovely post – i enjoyed reading about your experiences and I’ve had a couple of random traumatic photo experiences too – in the oddest of public places as well! People get weird about pictures sometimes – it makes me wonder!

    Also great to see so many stylish ladies at every age!



  12. Sheela, thanks for the peek into the everyday of your world. Your collaboration with Jodie on borrowing from the boys has been very interesting and very inspirational. Thanks for adding your post to my Fine-Whatever link up.



  13. Wow! Another glorious velvet duster! I love this one too!! Plus a beret suits you so well. And I love hearing about your week Sheela. Your beautiful way with the written word makes it all seem so NOT mundane. Have I told you what a talented writer you are lately? Love reading your work.

    Much love and thank you for the linkup!

    Annie from Kremb de la Kremb


  14. How crazy that that lady just started SCREAMING at you guys during your shoot… Like, c’mon now. I’d be pissed, too! Haha, love that you finished your shoot before leaving.

    I love this pretty printed duster, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge


  15. Sheela, you have got to take a trip to Detroit with about 50 outfits to shoot! There are so many skeletons of industrial, metal, churches, bricks, mansions, factory, etc…… You would be like a kid in a candy store! Honestly, while shooting with my husband, I have to remind him that the outfit is the star of the picture not the surroundings!


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