Day: 14 Dec, 2016

More Tales Of Tweed | Sheela Writes

More Tales Of Tweed

He’s still my soulmate. (Always) the better half of our duo.   I realise that within the contents of our first tweed post, I’d promised to share more about the rollercoaster moments of life with my man.  However, in true Sheela form, it had completely slipped my mind that I have surgery scheduled.  Yes, today, Wednesday.  As such, you’ll forgive me if today, I make it a smidge brief?  And to wait a wee bit for more tales from my hearth? Tweed Blazer (old, option, option) | Plaid Asymmetrical Dress (Free People gifted, option, option) | Spiked Vegan Leather Choker (Manic Panic NYC gifted, option, option) | Plaid Waist Cincher (McQueen very old, option, option) | Embellished Black Leather Glove (antique, option) | Steampunk Gear Brooch (gifted, option) | Sunnies (thrifted) A POINT OF TRIVIA TO SHARE I wore only black for the first 38 years of my life. In a (predominantly) steampunk and goth manner. Black. Black with black. Textured, grainy black. Shades of black, if that makes sense. Spikes.  Studs.  Tattoos.  Black lipstick.  …