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Quick Update & A Link-Up

Keeping things easy.

Short, sweet, simple, succinct.


Per my Wednesday post, I’ve just had surgery.  And because it was for the eyes, I am, as you can imagine, typing with one finger, and blurred vision so please forgive me for (a) a short post; and (b) any typos.  Do also find it in your heart to ignore the fact that this post will be short on words, with photos in abundance.  I know, I know, I promised I would never become yet another glossy lookbook in this already saturated bloggersphere but it’s hard to create content when one is somewhat driving blind.  Literally.


So without further ado, today’s post concludes my tri-part tweed collaboration with Jodie and her ladies, and Eve.  Our first post featured tweed in a ladylike manner followed by a punk interpretation.  To finish things off, we now present tweed in a fun fashion, which, obviously opens up many worlds in terms of styling.


And yet I choked on this one. 

I couldn’t think of what would make tweed fun. 

I did my best 🙂


Tweed Blazer (old) | Tank (my PJ top) | Leather Pants (Trouve) | Leather Boots (Bakers) | Rings (Alchemy of England) | Sunnies (Dior) | Velvet Scarf (Forever21) | Hat (gifted) 


My element of fun.

Being tongue-in-cheek chic et al.

And now, behold, my fabulous ladies, all decked up in fun, feisty tweed.

Eve, Teens (the world according to eve)


I’ve always associated fun with polka dots, do you do the same?  They’re just so giggle-inducing.  Although, in Eve’s case, they became legit cool (hey, if you’re surrounded by teenagers, you need to talk the talk).  I am (forever) loving the sassy vibe.

Sheela, 40s (sheela writes)


This outfit is quite possibly the closest to my everyday wear.  I love wearing leather pants and if Houston would lower the temp down a tad, would be decked out in them all year long.  Oh, and I call those my Gene Simmons boots.

Jodie, 50s (jodie’s touch of style)


How smart, Jodie, to place a fur vest over your jacket.  It completely changed the look and I love it.  Fun and fresh, with just a hint of grooviness in those flared jeans.  So cool.  And them patchwork boots.

Nancy, 60s (jodie’s touch of style)


Meet spunky Nancy.  With the ascot and uber out-there top.  And are those grey sneakers, suede?  My fave bit about this outfit is how the lining of Nancy’s blazer complements her top so beautifully.  Such a well thought-out look.

Charlotte, 70s (jodie’s touch of style)


Fun and fresh and definitely flavour of the day, Charlotte.  Those russet cords are gorgeous, and pull everything together to create a laidback, polished look.

And now, do please join my link-up?  I promise we’ll be back to regular scheduling next week wherein I’ll be sharing my Christmas memories as a child/teen/young adult in Sarawak.

Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.


  1. Nancy says

    Oh your link up isn t open yet! I blame it on your eyes! I hope you have a speech recovery and hope also that you can make it to my Fancy Friday linkup! Happy weekend Sheela!😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrea Nine says

    Oh sweetie, hoping for a quick and smooth recovery for those pretty eyes of yours! Love this fun outfit and graphic tee!

    Liked by 1 person

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