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A Week In My Life 3 & A Link-Up


I see you, world.


So, after a brief hiatus (ish, my last life post was dated 18th November), I’m back again with a wee peak into the happenings going on in my tiny, not so eventful world.  That said, quite a few things have occurred since my update of 6 weeks ago, friend.


First of all, remember Elliot?  My massage therapist?

Well, he resigned from the practice a few weeks ago.  Apparently, he had been paying off his ex-wife’s IRS debt (I don’t understand it either), and concluded he simply wasn’t earning enough with his current employer to be able to do that as well as afford a new sports car (huh?).  So he decided to leave and find work with The Joint (a chain of “fast food style” chiropractic outlets).  I don’t know about you but this guy has me shaking my head in bewilderment quite a few times.


Then on Christmas Eve, we had our traditional family dinner at the nearby McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood and Steaks Restaurant (pictures here).  On a macro level, the food wasn’t too shabby but I think the taste of anything pales when one has to wait a long time for it to arrive, yes?  It was, in essence, an agonising waiting game for food.  I believe two appetisers appeared 40 minutes after our order was placed, the remainder another 15 minutes later. Entres showed up roughly half an hour after the last appetiser was served.  Our glasses were not refilled until about 90 minutes later (and by that I mean with water) which was is unacceptable.  And from a culinary standpoint, the appetisers were very good (perhaps they seemed tastier because, at that point, we were ravenous, and about to gnaw on the table), so too the desserts. The entres themselves, however, failed not impress.  They were bland, nothing spectacular.  Thankfully, the company was good (albeit a smidge cranky when tummies are rumbly).

After which, we headed home and eviscerated days of wrapping in mere minutes.

Why did we even bother to wrap them?


Christmas morning dawned bright and beautiful (and warm, damnit).  And we found ourselves without food.  I am so serious.  I’d decided to take the weekend off, to not cook, and as such, there were no leftovers.  In addition, I was rather banking on making full use of Door Dash.  Alas, that was not to be since, it would seem, most restaurants decided it was (most erroneously) alright for them to take Christmas off.


I don’t really remember all the details but I believe we ended up eating cold cuts and loads of Christmas candies (nougats and chocolates my mother-in-law had sent from Italy), and fried spam with steamed Jasmine rice.  I am truly not joking.



Fast forward to the 30th of December.

To my very first debutante ball.

You see, my second son, Gabriel’s girlfriend is from a very traditional Southern family.  Well, her mother’s side is, which comes with it, the customary coming out party aka debutante ball.  It was a really interesting experience as I’d never been to one before.  And living in Houston, I haven’t had many opportunities to dress up formally.  As in Black Tie Formal.  So I was quite pleased to be able do just that.  I’ll be posting more photos but here’s a sneak of the Monique Lhuillier gown I wore.


New Year’s Day came, and this time, we were ready, I tell you.  We had a simple home dinner of Filet Mignon with Grilled Lobster Tail as well as Shrimp.  Sides included Grilled Broccollini, Scalloped Potatoes and Risotto.

We neither starved nor had to eat out of cans.

Like we did on Christmas Day.


And that’s it.  For now.  But before you go, I have the most exciting thing to share.  I’m co-hosting with my Fab 40 friend, Jennie, in her first ever shared Fabulous Friday Link-Up.  I doubt it’s any secret just how much I adore Jennie, and the way she dresses.  And how her outfits are always the perfect blends of femininity with bohemian and/or preppy, with touches of edge.  I mean, I’ve never tried to hide my admiration for her sartorial choices.  If you’ve never before been, I highly recommend that you mouse over to Jennie’s blog right this moment.  It’s called A Pocketful Of Polka Dots (like how positively charming is that), and trust me when I say you shan’t regret it.

Fabulous Friday1

Meet your host for Fabulous Friday, Jennie of A Pocketful of Polka Dots. Jennie is a 40+ frugal fashionista who enjoys trying new trends, loves All the shoes, believes life is too short for boring hair, and never met a polka dot she didn’t like. You can follow Jennie here ∼

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And, as part of this collaboration with Jennie, I am picking, for the first time ever, my absolute fave look from last week’s Fabulous Friday Link-Up.  I spy you, Oby Grace!!  With that gorgeous poncho in rich, jewel tones.  And that flirty wide-brimmed hat.  And them kickass boots.


Don’t forget to link up now.

Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.





  1. Nancy says

    We went out for diner on Boxing day with a group of Friends and we had to wait 1,5 hour before we got our starters. By that time I wasn t even hungry anymore! When I saw your first picture I thought:what a beautiful colors! Fantastic! And what a beautiful dress, but I really love the color! Have a great weekend Sheela!


  2. robjodiefilogomo says

    How funny you had Spam on Christmas. ONe of my dental school friends is from Hawaii, and used to love Spam. Personally I think I’ve neglected my culinary learning since I’ve never even tried it! Maybe I just need to come over to your place?
    You know I have to comment on your fabulous footwear! Not that your outfit is boring, but those booties add the perfect touch of wildness to the look!!


  3. glassofglam says

    “…eviscerated days of wrapping in mere minutes.” Ada wasn’t kidding when she said your writing is fantastic! I found myself chuckling and nodding my head along with your experiences!

    I love your style, too! So happy I found your blog!



  4. andreaswellnessnotes says

    I think my comment just disappeared… Happens to me a lot lately… 😦

    Just wanted to say that you look fabulous in both dresses. And you own the most insane and fabulous shoes! Can’t wait to read more about the debutante ball.

    I enjoyed reading your life update. I agree that having to wait too long and not being properly attended to in a restaurant greatly diminishes the experience even if the food is good. Your Christmas Day food sounds like an adventure!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


  5. Sheela, not only are you supremely stylish, but your stories always are such a sweet wonderful tail. From spam on Christmas Day the filet mignon on New Year’s, cracks me up and that sound like something that would happen to our family. That sage green dress is divine! And throw in Leopard, well I’m sold!


  6. Too bad about the poor service on Christmas Day.

    That gown is STUNNING!!! I wish we could have seen more of the jacket. It looks amazing too.



  7. Peek-a-Boo, I see a gorgeous stylish woman in a very fun, unique olive maxi dress which I love. I also love Oby’s Look and girlfriend did you check out my Thursday Moda post? Hope you liked what I wrote, friend.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. Sheela, I’m looking forward to your write up about the debutante ball. I read about them in historical romance novels and I’m curious about how they are in modern times. Thank you for sharing your fashion and style perspectives on my Fine-Whatever link up.



  9. Lol, I love the ending, “a simple home dinner of Filet Mignon with Grilled Lobster Tail as well as Shrimp. Sides included Grilled Broccollini, Scalloped Potatoes and Risotto.” You want to come to my house and make one of your simple dinners!? LOL! Ah, Happy New Year, Sheela! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience at the restaurant and Christmas Day, but New Years sounded quite tasty to make up for it! I wish you much success in 2017! Thanks so much for sharing!




  10. thestylesplash says

    I love the olive green dress and those fierce leopard print boots! I wish I could still wear heels like that. Can’t wait to see more of your stunning Monique Lhuillier gown!

    Emma xxx


  11. So I am a bit late thanking you for being my first co-host… Thank you, Sheela. It was a pleasure starting this new little piece of my blog with you by my side.

    First of all, you look wonderful. I don’t think I could carry off this dress and you do it effortlessly. And of course I adore the leopard booties.

    I enjoyed reading all about your recent life. Too funny reading about your Christmas without food. I am sure it wasn’t funny in real life, though. I have never eaten Spam, so I am not sure what to think of it and Jasmine rice together.

    Hunter and Spencer both were escorts for three years each at our local debutante balls. It was always fun and I enjoyed seeing them all dressed up in their tuxes, especially when the years overlapped and they were both in attendance. Gotta love those charming southern traditions. 🙂


  12. No Fear of Fashion says

    Dearest Sheela, you admire Jennie, I admire you. You can make a creation, a world, like you do with the green dress. I love it on you. Like Andrea I am looking forward to your post about the ball. That first photo is so lovely, you looked a million dollar. I haven’t had a ball since 1996. I used to work at a place where they organised a big event (300-400 people) in black tie. I went to the same event last year and it is not black tie anymore. We Dutch dress down, mostly jeans.
    As for the Christmas starving.. I had a similar experience when I was 20 and went to London with friend during Christmas. We hadn’t booked a restaurant, the hotel didn’t have a restaurant and we ended up with French cheese and a very old baguette.


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