SOS & A Link-Up


I see you, world.

Do you perhaps see me too?


As always, I’m in a hurry.

A mad dash.


January has seen very few posts from me, I  know.

Few and far between.

And whilst the reason for that is a good one, infrequent posting, as we are all fully aware, marks the beginning of a downward spiral for any blog.  Wouldn’t it be wondrous if cloning were an available (and affordable) option?  Imagine the myriad of things we could undertake.  Simultaneously.  And with great efficiency.

What’s been transpiring, you ask?


Well, I say “good” because I’ve been blessed to have connected with many new partners over the last few weeks, since before Christmas, actually.  Which, in turn, has led to numerous conversations and discussions and planning.  All heavenly, beautiful events that will help me grow as a writer and brand.

And all of which have taken my time away from the main reason those partners chose to seek me out in the first instance.



How do they do it?

Those who have their posts written ahead of time (you know who you are, you super organised lot).  And are never running in a frenzied, frazzled panic.  Or if they are, they never appear to be on the outside.  I know, plan your editorial line-up and write those posts in advance.  That’s easy to say when you’re already on a roll, wheels oiled and primed, schedule in place.  It’s not quite as smooth sailing when you’re starting from ground zero.

Tell me.  Please.  Does one stay up all weekend long and churn out post after post after post?  And, in my instance, how on earth do I condense my thoughts into a sufficiently succinct format to produce the required quantity?  Honestly?  I’m already hyperventilating at the thought.


My distress call aside, welcome, friend, welcome to the very first edition of Project Sister Act for this brand new year of 2017 (guess what? Project Sister Act turns 2 next month!!!).

For January, the story revolves around five six women (spanning single digits, teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s) and their unique, very personal style interpretations of that glorious, heavenly fabric known as Velvet.  Take a look at how we’ve crafted our individual outfits.

Eve, Teens (the world according to eve)

The World According To Eve

How epic does my baby look?  I realise I say that practically all the time but truly, I covet everything Eve wears and, perhaps even more, her attitude.  Despite it being the prettiest of frocks, Eve has successfully achieved an edgy vibe with the inclusion of those ah-mazing shoes and that lovely suede choker/lariat confection.  I wish I was that cool at her age.

Sheela, 40s (sheela writes)


Twinning with my baby in a velvet dress, mine being of a cheetah print and (despite the fact that it’s completely hidden), with an asymmetrical shoulder.  Confession:  I’ve never worn a mini dress in my entire life, nope, never, so this is a major step forward for me.  In embracing my body and (finally) having the confidence to bare my knees.

Emily, 20s (baily lamb)

Baily Lamb

I have decided that Emily is the IT woman who I aspired to be in my 20s.  I mean, c’mon, she’s wearing a black velvet romper, for heaven’s sake, and looking SO badass I can’t even compute in my brain.  The sartorial side of me is squealing in full tilt groupie mode though, I can assure you, and completely considering adding something similar to my own wardrobe.

Sandy, 30s & Vivian, 2 (sandy a la mode)

Sandy A La Mode

Please put your hands together and welcome our youngest ever Project Sister Act woman, Vivian, and her equally fabulous mother, Sandy.  I am beyond happy to have these ladies join us, beautifully proving that style truly knows neither age nor rules.  That fashion is what you make of it, and that anyone of every age bracket can indeed wear the one same theme, or in their case, pieces.  LOVE.

Carrie, 50s (a stylish fit)

A Stylish Fit

Carrie is a vision in that black velvet top with its sleek lines and contrasting full sleeves.  And then there’s the flirty skirt with it’s “petals” and tiers, (damn, you’ve got some pins) adding healthy doses of sass and spirit to the overall look.  And when you think it couldn’t get any better, check out Carrie’s ankle boots.  Perfect measure of rock n roll superstar.  She looks fresh, fine and fancy.  And yes, the back of her top is F-A-B.

And there’s me.  So absolutely joyous at (finally) being able to wear this fur number which I purchased three years ago, just before I was diagnosed with Lupus, and transformed into a bloated human pin-cushion in the name of Science.  Sigh.


And that, my friends, is Project Sister Act for January 2017.  My sincere appreciation and love to every woman in this month’s line-up, and also to every woman who has ever joined me in propagating the message that style cannot be dictated by neither societal expectations nor “rules“.  That fashion is very personal, very individual, and must always be approached with a spirit of adventure and a healthy dose of fun.

And that, above all, we are female and we are proud of it.

Don’t forget to link-up.

Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.





10 Replies to “SOS & A Link-Up”

  1. I do love seeing this group of women—you always know how to bring out the best in women, Sheela!!
    As for you knees—let me be the first to welcome them into this world! They are a mandatory part of our body, and therefore deserve some recognition!!
    Happy Friday to you!!


  2. So I am such a fan of velvet as it takes me back to my teenage years in the 90’s when it is was so completely fashion-forward to own anything in this lush fabric! And I love it just as much now as I did back then! In fact, I have got some velvet styling going on for our next project together, my dear friend (wink.wink.). I cannot wait to get that post drafted (and yes, I am only in still in the planning stages of what to write, but I did photograph the outfit today…so perhaps I am a little ahead of my own game, or not.) Such wonderful outfits by all! And you are rocking that cheetah velvet and fur, for sure!



  3. Velvet is such a beautiful material and I still only own 1 long red vintage jacket. That is all. All of you look aces. And I don’t say this just to please, just to be kind. I mean it.
    I especially love Sandy but she has a cute advantage in Vivian.
    The top and skirt of Carrie are high on my want list now.
    About your weight: you have lost a hell of a lot of weight now, haven’t you?
    As for having my blog posts ready in time etc… I am very disciplined and I have decided I can only do ONE post a week. Which I diligently do haha. I know, you hate me now.


  4. I see some lovely legs (smiles), great looking outfit friend and I love that you read my mind in this post. How do people come up with posts so far ahead (granted I use to be more organized about it, but you know how I am now, last minute). Congratulations on the endeavors this blog has brought you friend!
    Rachel xo


  5. I so love velvet and I’m loving you in all of your smoking hot glory! It’s so exciting to have new adventures lined up on the horizon…it’s funny that I wrote about the same thing today. Have a fabulous weekend my beautiful friend. xo


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