Day: 8 February, 2017


The Radness Of Red Continues

Red is the colour of my heart. And the shirt I’ve got on my back.   I promise.  I really was trying to come up with something fancy for the header but that’s all I could manage, forgive me.  It’s been a long week.  Planning for Fashion Week in New York.  Getting things together.  Packing at the 11th hour, but of course (I mean, were you really expecting anything different?).  Desperately trying to juggle work and home and blog commitments.  And failing quite dramatically, to be honest GRIN.  If you’ve seen my recent Instastories, organisational skills aren’t really my superpowers. In support of this claim, I offer up as proof the fact that I’m currently typing this at Gate 19, Terminal E.  Yes, the airport.  Yes, I realise this post was meant to have been completed way before now and gone live this morning.  But as I stated, being organised and staying ahead of the game are simply not quite prevalent in my life skills vocabulary. END OF CONFESSION Wait. Another bit to confess.  I’m …