A Different Perspective

Same story, same tale.

Different approach, different results.


After last week’s incident (read: post) about an oh so blatantly discriminating act I was “blessed” to experience first hand, I made my way to the Emuleos show.  Now, a large part of my love for fashion stems from discovering new talent.  Or being introduced to an upcoming designer with a fresh perspective on silhouettes.  Not that my words wield the might that is Susie Bubble, hardly, but in that it fascinates me to no end when something someone authentically different lands on my lap, and my jaded eyes light up at the sight of originality (which, despite how often we recite the word “cyclical” in conversations pertaining to fashion, is very much sought after).

Utility Jacket (option, option) | Unicorn Sweater (option, option) | Crop Flared Jeans (option, option, option) | Patchwork Boots (option, option) | Sunnies (option) | Lipstick (Rose


I arrived at Gary’s Loft and took the lift upstairs without much in the way of expectations, if I am to be perfectly honest.  At that precise moment, all I wanted was an out of the humiliating experience of earlier.

A distraction.

Remember what I said last week?

How catty and bitchy Fashiontopia can get?


But you know what?  The AMCO NYC team?  The loveliest lot of people one could ever hope to meet.  I was treated with cordiality and respect.  In fact, everyone appeared to be on the receiving end of that very same wave of genuine courtesy.  And, at the end of the day, fancy outfits as well as over-the-top accessories aside, that’s all we want.  During Fashion Week and every second of every day.

Am I right or am I right?

Fairness and impartiality.

That’s what we all expect.  And deserve.


An absence of prejudice.  Of preferential treatment.  A level playing field wherein we’re all accorded the one same level of human civility regardless of what our dress size is.  Or the number of wrinkles on our faces.  That pays no heed to whether we’re part of the Generation X demographics or Millennials.

It’s like what I said last week.  Oneness.

I want to conclude by sincerely thanking AMCO for inviting me to the shows.  And reiterate how much I thoroughly enjoyed Emuleos’ collection.  The garments were soft yet spirited and most definitely sassy.  Satin and lace flirted oh so happily with leather to culminate in pieces that spoke volumes of that eternal contrast between hard and soft.  Feminine and edgy.  I’d say that describes today’s woman rather eloquently.


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Love, Sheela

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p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

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10 Replies to “A Different Perspective”

  1. I am so glad to read things went much better at this show, Sheela. You already know I love these booties, and now I am in love with these fun jeans! Also your hair keeps looking brighter and brighter – Bellissimo.


  2. Really illuminating series of posts. In my “real life,” I’m taking a training at racism and white privilege, to better understand my own privilege and the myriad ways privilege and racism underlay so many systems in our country — including the fashion industry! So thank you for this opportunity to mesh my “real life” with my “style blog” life. And thank you for sharing and linking up with Fabulous Friday 🙂


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