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The Fab 40s Are Princesses For A Day

Of fairytales and princes.

Of happily ever afters (or not).


I remember my very first cinematic encounter with an official Disney princess.  Her name was Snow White and the year was 1980.  Throughout the music (who could forget that high pitched voice) and all that animation, one thing stuck in my head.  That I was certainly not going to lay around like a helpless damsel in distress, waiting for my prince to come and set me free.  That I’d rather don my own suit of armour, and rescue myself.


As you’d probably surmise, I have no love for Snow White.  In face, her shrill vocal chords set me on edge and I’m instantly overcome by an animalistic urge to pummel.  Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty too are on my hit list of never-evers.

God help me should the day come that I can no longer fight my own battles.

Shudder.  Just shoot me and put me out of my misery when that moment arrives.

Then came Ariel in 1989 and if you suspected that I might be somewhat partial to her (for obvious hair colour reasons) then you’d be right.  And wrong.  I adore the little mermaid, and her willingness to sacrifice all in the name of love.  I mean, I’ve done it myself.  Moved across three continents with nothing but my daughter and two suitcases, to be with the man who holds the key to my heart. And yet, I felt zero affinity with her.

Still on the politically correct trajectory, Disney released Pocahontas in 1992 and Mulan six years later, neither of which appealed to me all that much.  Strange, I know.  Especially because at the time, I was immensely tanned, with waist length jet black hair parted right down the middle, and often used thick eyeliner as well as dark berry lipstick that made my pout look (almost) as full as Ms Helen Folasade Adu.  In fact, I often had little girls staring my way, calling me Pocahontas.

Mulan, never.

Yes she’s Asian and I was raised in a similar situation although I have to say that my father was a lot more open in his mentality than hers (thank heavens).


No, it’s not what you’re thinking GRIN as in I was born in the wrong continent.

My thoughts and my views on life and people have always been extremely non orthodox for an Asian.  Long before the term LGBTQ came to be, my closest friends were gays and lesbians.  Even from when I was in high school.  I found myself bonding and connecting so easily with those who sexual preferences were (at the time) viewed as weird.  Abnormal.  Perverted, even.  And with whom I remain close friends to this day, albeit our communication is now limited to the confines of Facebook since we live so far apart.

Different.  Strange.  Odd. 

I stuck out.  Always.

And I don’t think many who called me “different” meant it as a compliment.

That’s why I immediately knew that Belle was my princess spirit animal (even more so now since in the movie, she has a new gay bestie, Lafou, well I’m hoping they’ll become besties although we’ll never know since there’s no sequel planned).  In every possible way.  We are both dorky.  Slightly awkward in social circumstances.  Fiercely loyal and independent.  Hardcore bookworm.  Rebellious.  Unconventional and willing to try anything at least once.  Brave when the need calls for it.  Protective.  Loving.


Join me now in gushing over my fellow Fab 40 females, in their individual interpretations of what it means to be a princess.

Ann, Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb

I never would’ve put Ann and Princess Stephanie of Monaco together BUT boom baby, it makes so much sense!!!  I remember loving the princess’ rebellious spirit and independent nature, and how everything cool she did raised eyebrows, and how I loved it!!

Diane, Fashion On The Fourth Floor

Fashion On The Fourth Floor

My friend Diane here, genius.  Delved into the realm of the telly for her princess inspiration and I shan’t lie, I had to Google the character of Jo Polniaczek from the show Facts Of Life.  Feisty and tomboyish, with a heart of gold, albeit somewhat deeply embedded 😛

Jennie, A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

I needn’t say more, need I?

Mary, Curly Byrdie Chirps

Curly Byrdie Chirps

A beautiful nod to Pocahontas which, in this instance, is genealogically accurate as well since Mary has Native American blood coursing through her veins.  I love that it’s not costumey either.  And with pops of blue to just add that extra, well, pop.

Sam, Fake Fabulous

Fake Fabulous

So if Princess Elsa was in a grunge band, and had the coolest, edgiest vibe possible, and a pixie haircut, this would be her.  To an oh so fabulous tee.  Sam, you slay.

Veronica, CID Style File

CID Style File

You look amazing, Veronica, in this rendition of Pocahontas.  Just stunning.

For this month, I knew with dead certainty I wanted to ask Michelle of Shelbee On The Edge to come be our guest blogger for March.

Shelbee On The Edge

I’ve long adored and loved this lady for numerous reasons, including her raw honesty and precious ability to so eloquently articulate what I often catch myself thinking.  Is it that obvious that my admiration and respect for Michelle leans towards the vast side of things?  And it extends across her sartorial choices as well.  Today, she’s showing us her idea of Merida.  Free-spirited.  Tempestuous.  Witty.  Gentle.  Spontaneous.  Determined.  Loving.  That about describes Michelle.

I have a surprise for you!!  Although I claim ownership of the theme of fairytale princesses for this month, it was actually Eve who came up with the idea.  And it wouldn’t be right for me to not include her in this post 🙂

The World According To Eve

Does my baby girl not look immaculate?  The dress, so majestic yet completely devoid of frou frou.  A beautifully practical and practically beautiful gown.  The unexpected presence of high tops.  The dainty coronet of braids.  The stained glass rose necklace.  Immaculate.

Red Rose Gown (Willow & Clay) | Lipstick (MJ by Kylie Cosmetics)

And then, there’s me.

Don’t forget to join my link-up here!!!

Love, Sheela

Finally made the transition to AV and am now on YouTube as well as Snapchat (sheela.goh), would adore your support through subscribing to my channel/adding my snaps. 

Pretty please?

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

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  1. This was a brilliant post showing the eclectic style of so many different and unique strong independent women.

    Your photos in that gown are stunning!



  2. Sheela, this just about made me cry. And you know my feelings for you are mutual! You amaze me with everything you do and say and wear at every turn! Thank you for inviting me to join this fabulous group of women and thank you always for your very kind words! And you look ravishing, indeed, in your Belle inspired gown. And Eve is brilliantly stunning in her gown as well. Gosh, I just adore the both of you!



  3. robjodiefilogomo says

    I have to admit that as much as I love Disney and their movies…I’ve never wanted to be a princess. Of course, for one of the reasons that you stated—give control to a guy? Yeah right?
    But also because everyone is watching you and you have to live up to this standard!
    Of course, I’m sure it has it’s advantages, but let’s just say that I’d be stumped on this one!
    Leave it to that incredible daughter of yours to think of this one!! Is Regis still in her future??
    But we can’t forget the gown, Sheela. It’s stunning and definitely one of a kind!! Almost makes me want to indulge in a long gown! Because it’s true, when you dress like a princess, you feel like one, eh?


  4. Sheela I just loved this theme this month and you look fabulous in your dress and you daughter is just stunning! I also love the way you write so amazing ! 🙂



  5. Okay I love this! I love Belle and identify with her for her adventurous spirit and her loyalty to family (trading places with her Dad), and giving a chance to someone when by all means they didn’t deserve it. She was able to look past the physical appearance to someones heart. I identify with her the most out of the princesses. (although I love Elsa too!) Great post and your dress is stunning!


  6. Sheela you look fabulous in this wonderfull dress. You are a strong personality and it is good. Unfortunately I miss the right english words to say more. 😦 Sorry
    XO Tina ❤


  7. Nancy says

    What a creativity! Ann s interpertation is just wonderfull! Who would have thought of a real princess!


  8. sequinist says

    I know it is perhaps wrong and terribly unAmerican of me, but I’ve never seen any of these Disney movies, except for maybe Snow White when I was very young. Lady and the Tramp is about as close as I got to Disney…

    Anyway, you look gorgeous, even if I don’t get a lot of the princess-movie-references. The gown and your hair are a match made in a fairy tale, THAT is for sure. The photos are so beautiful, and I love the colours on the dress so much! xx


  9. No Fear of Fashion says

    I really liked this post. And you are the best at being a princess for me. This dress on you is to die for. Sooo beautiful. Gobsmacked.
    As for being independent as a woman: I am all for that. I have always worked full time (still am) and always kept our income/savings separate. With one joined account to put the money in for house, food etc. Nobody was going to tell me what I could or could not do with my money. The mere thought of husband saying : ” Do you really need another dress? I don’t think so.” makes me angry. Fortunately my husband isn’t like that and fortunately I never gave him the chance to develop such behaviour either haha.


  10. First, I LOVE your clever post. Second, that red floral dress looks absolutely fabulous on you, drop the mic. Xo Jonet


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