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Making A Choice

Choosing is nerve-wracking.

Choosing is also really, really good.


You get to choose who you are.

There will be times in life when others try to tell you who you are. Don’t listen.

There will be times in life when others try to reduce you to a label, adjective, or judgment. Don’t acquiesce.

There will be times when others will tell you to focus on consumption and competition. Don’t look.

Our social, cultural, economic, religious, political systems will try to stuff your uniquely shaped soul into a boring box. Resist the temptation to conform and climb in.


You will be told there’s one way to be and one way to do. Don’t buy into that bullshit.

You are a multifaceted, dynamic, ever-changing, complex, precious soul inside a human body.

You can spend a lifetime trying to deprogramme, and unlearn these lies. It’s easy to feel lost in a mountain of falsehoods, searching for the shards of truth you once knew, and now have to claw your way to rediscovering.  And although shedding the mould of identity you’ve been pressed into can feel awkward, it’s well worth the discomfort (and occasional stab of pain).

Question the marketing machines that tell you, you are only worthy of love if you have a certain body type, a specific skin tone, or are of a particular sexual orientation.

Challenge the status quo that tells you, you are only successful when your bank account has a certain number of zeros, when you spend the winter in a mountain chalet, or you race through town in a super car, when your passport has multiple stamps per page, or your social calendar is bursting.

Discard the fearful, small-minded judgments, limitations, expectations, and obligations that have been layered on you, and are no longer serving you.  Only you can give them the power to hurt you.

You cannot tune into your soul if you’re flooded with the expectations of others.

You cannot live your great life if you are too busy living the life other people told you to live.

You free yourself to soulfully design a life you love when you venture into living with personal authority, consciousness, and love.

So #stepforward and choose the life you want to live, my fellow sister pioneers.  Go on, #stepforward right now.  There is nothing to be afraid of.

This post is a heartfelt collaboration with Famous Footwear. I’m wearing the Nike Women’s Kawa Slide Sandal in White/Silver, and if you’re following me on Instagram (please do, if you haven’t yet), you’ll see it’s been with me as I #stepforward all around the world.


Love, Sheela

p/s my photos are by Sofia

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  1. Great motivating post, Sheela. Love this: “Discard the fearful, small-minded judgments, limitations, expectations, and obligations that have been layered on you, and are no longer serving you.”



  2. Thanks a lot for this again very true post. Yes, we have the choice and personally I think although sometimes this can be difficult it is a gift! You look cool and happy with your relaxed look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  3. This resonates with me. I’m in my 30s and have never felt more me than I have in my life. Mainly because I am me. My whole life was about changing for people or situations and I finally realized that I am who I am and it doesn’t matter what others think of me.It’s a very freeing thought!



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