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Athleisure All Around

Sheela | Sheela Writes

It’s been a while, I know.

Almost precisely two months, in fact.


Hello everyone!!  Sporadic would be an understatement to describe my presence here on the blog for the past three months.  Summer proved to be immensely challenging when it came to keeping up with posting.  At least, it was for me.  I know many of my peers demonstrate enviable organisational skills and foresight in the area of planning-ahead-when-vacation-comes but not I.  Clearly.

Firstly, we were in Singapore and Malaysia from 8th June all the way to 13th July.  Spending time with family and ex-family (is that even a valid concept?  When a couple divorces, does that mean they divorce the in-laws as well?  And do the in-laws become out-laws?).


Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

Knit & Leather Jacket  (purchased in Italy) | Sports Bra (Target) | Black & Olive Green Capris (Herban Devi @ Etsy) | Embroidered Suede Trainers (Nike) | Black Crossover Bag (Prada, thrifted) | Sunnies (Poshmark) | Lipstick (22 @ Kylie Cosmetics)

In Asia, socialising with the family of one’s ex isn’t quite the norm.  Not like how it is here in the States.  Things are usually awkward and stiff.  And given the notion that most marital break-ups do not end on a positive note, families tend to take sides.

Which was also the case with my ex’s family and mine.  Not that we openly declared war.  No, nothing of the sort, we merely ignored each other for the past 12 years (yes, that’s how long it’s been since I’ve been to Singapore).  Perhaps that’s worse.  And, admittedly, stupid given that it wasn’t a healthy manner to conduct ourselves for Eve’s sake.  So, yes, back to Singapore we went, spending time with my ex and his family, and I must say, I did enjoy myself.

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes


Of course there was some awkwardness still.

But we (all) got over ourselves.

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

Then we flew to Kuching (in Sarawak, where I’m from) to see my parents.  It was after that that things became blurry, like a whirlwind.

We returned to Houston on 13th July.  Precisely a week later, on the 20th, on the plane again were we, but this time, headed to Europe.  Specifically to Montauro, Italy by way of Rome.  To see my husband’s family.

It would’ve been a lovely vacation had my man not fallen ill the very day after we arrived and he had to be hospitalised for extreme dehydration (which caused his pressure to drop so low, he was bedridden for a bit hence the hospital).  Once that cleared, we managed to do a spot of touristy things (of which I’ll share in coming posts, along with recaps of our time in Asia).

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

Coming home from Italy, we completely missed our connecting flight in Atlanta (hey, thanks, TSA, for detaining me in the interrogation room) but were blessed to find exactly five seats on the last plane out to Houston.

We got back around midnight of 15th August.  Three days later, on the 18th, we drove to Dallas to take Eve to college (I’ve finally gotten accustomed to using the term “college” for university, sometimes).  Perhaps as a premonition of things to come, our senses should’ve been alerted when we were stopped en route for speeding.  Sigh.  Anyway, moving on.

On our very first night there, my husband and I managed to get into an accident.  We’re fine.  The right front wheel, not so much.  Being tired from all that jetlag and having driven four hours, we missed that concrete divider staring us straight in the eye, and flew over it.  A concrete divider with metal studs which completely broke the wheel, and tore a huge flap of rubber from the tyre.  The sound was so deafening that, for the first time in my life, I really did think we were going to be badly hurt.

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

Fortunately, we were badly shaken up and that was it.  The car, on the other hand, was  damaged.  It ended up with us extending our stay in Dallas (hurray for being able to see Eve longer) and driving very slowly back to Houston (it took us five hours to get home).  A drive which was extremely quiet and sombre.  And yes, I broke down and cried every few minutes.  Every little thing that reminded me of her just opened the floodgates.  I was (and still am) a mess.

We drove up to our house on 22nd August.  Drove our second son to College Station on the morning of the 23rd (he’s in his second year at A&M and was moving into an apartment).  And then we left on the 24th (back to Dallas) in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey, staying until the 31st when the highway back to our street was finally open.  In the aftermath of the devastation (we live in Memorial, right beside where the Buffalo Bayou tragedy occured), the blog was simply not a priority.

As you can imagine, I’m still feeling somewhat displaced.  In the past few months, my bed and I have not had much of an opportunity to rekindle our bond.  My regular routine?  Not really happening all that much.  Even now, as I write this, I’m back again in Dallas but for work this time (of course, being able to spend time with Eve is a boon).  On top of all that, I’m in mourning. Even as my heart is soaring to see how much Eve is enjoying herself in university, I miss her so much.  But I am truly happy that she is happy.  Making friends.  Relishing in this new chapter of her book.

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

So, as you can see read, much has transpired, my friends.

But I am very pleased to be able to finally dedicate time to the blog again.  And what better way to start anew then a tri-part project with Jodie and her ladies, Eve, and myself.  Regular readers will be no strangers to these beautiful, strong women, with whom I’ve had the pleasure and honour of collaborating with on numerous occasions.  For this particular collaboration, Eve and I came up with the capri challenge.  I love my capris.  I used to wear them 24/7/3665, regardless of how high temperatures soared.  Now that the word “shorts” has permeated my style vocabulary, I don’t don them quite that much but they remain firm faves.

For this joint venture, we (all five of us) are showing how versatile this nifty thing is.  And that capris need not be relegated (only) to those oh so familiar moments of “I just couldn’t be fussed“.  That they’re as easy to dress up as they are to dress cool.  Today, to kickstart things, we’re showcasing our interpretations of that street term “Athleisure“.

Tell me how you think we did.

Eve, Teens (the world according to eve)

Eve | The World According To Eve

This is my favouritest look for today.  Not because it’s Eve but because there are so many playful, unexpected elements in her outfit such as the blush pink velvet turban (Lil Edie, much), the shredded rips of that distressed top.  Those super duper cool skull studs on her booties.  But, most of all, that ever so flip message on her muscle tank.

Sheela, 40s (sheela writes)

A departure from my usual style but here’s a secret.  This is a look I’ve dreamt of wearing for ever so long.  It’s clearly athletically inspired with a strong street vibe.  I wanted to create an outfit that spoke volumes of “athlete off duty”, without looking as though I just completed my workout.  A look that could also take me to lunch.  Shopping.  Whatever I fancied.

Jodie, 50s (jodie’s touch of style)

Jodie | Jodie's Touch Of Style

My friend here wins the “ADORBS” award for pose as well as for those charming sandals with their flirty tassels.  No one in the world would’ve guessed that those are Jodie’s actual workout pants (I’m glad you ditched those WNTW rules, Jodie!!!). They’re the perfect foil for that lovely, OTT batwing top which reminds me so much of a Madame Butterfly ensemble.

Nancy, 60s (jodie’s touch of style)

Nancy | Jodie's Touch Of Style

I’m enjoying the fact that Nancy’s wearing a workout tee in her athleisure look here.  And that it looks utterly street cool with those denim capris (which are next on my must-buy list), not to mention floral espadrilles which look perfectly in tune with everything else.  It’s the little things, like the delicate jewellery, the confidence, and oh that smile.

Charlotte, 70s (jodie’s touch of style)

Charlotte | Jodie's Touch Of Style

Charlotte and I are style sisters today with the olive green palette and trainers.  Hers are quilted and ever so posh looking too.  Some flirty fringe.  Side cuff button trim.  A pretty scarf.  I’d say that her outfit is the most feminine interpretation of athleisure of us all.  It’s one of those things you could truly change the overall vibe with a simple change in accessories.

Come back and see us on Wednesday (we’ll be doing capris a la French chic, oui) as well as Friday (glamming things up with capri red carpet style).  I do hope you’ll also join in the discussion and leave me a comment too, because many most of my posts are inspired by what you say, how you feel, your thoughts.

Do you capri too?

Love, Sheela

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

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  1. Jodie says

    Girl!! Not only have you been traipsing around the world, you’ve been keeping your body incredibly fit and fabulous!!!
    Let me tell you how impressive you are, and how fun it’s been to watch everything on IG stories!!


  2. Wow Sheela, hearing of your escapades has made me tired! and i haven’t gone anywhere yet. 🙂 Great to hear your daughter is beginning to enjoy college and also glad to hear you didn’t get hurt in your crash. My sister’s ex and her family are off the grid as far as she is concerned.. nothing to do with them… sounds like you did have an amazing trip. Glad to hear your “voice’ here again. Love the “athlesiure wear ‘ everyone styled and am particularly fond of your look! Love the adorned sunnies, the colors-olive and black.
    take care,
    Jess xx


  3. I am glad to see you are back in blogging world! I missed your stories! What a Summer you ve had! Wow! I hope your husband is good again. Looking forward to seeing some pictures!


  4. Omgosh, you don’t know how happy I am to see your lovely face Sheela!! I’ve missed your posts! You’ve definitely had a action packed couple months! Sorry to hear that your honey got sick, but so glad that he recovered so that you guys could finish up your trip! 🙂 College sounds fun, accident – not so much! I, to, am one to not utter the word “shorts” in fashion vocabulary. Don’t know why, but NOPE! lol you look amazing, per usual and I’m glad to know you are back! Can’t wait to what else you have in store!!

    xx, Chanda


  5. No Fear of Fashion says

    Even just reading about your summer makes me feel tired. Man what a packed period. And a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t worry about Eve leaving. When I left home at 18 my mum cried her eyes out. When I reminded her she still had dad, she shocked me by saying she’d rather have me. Which made me even more determined to leave. Not a healthy situation. When I had to return home a year later (long story) she said: “Of course you can come home. The door is always open for you. But you have to start looking for another place for yourself immediately as this can only be temporarily.” When I reminded her of her grief the year before and what had brought on the change she replied that she had experienced that year what the benefits were of rhe situation and she really liked it. Hahaha. I was so pleased. Furthermore you look very very cool in this outfit. Well done.
    What does it say on Eve’s shirt? No stares?


  6. My goodness you’ve been busy!
    Glad to see you’re back though love, you look fantastic as always but big kudos to you for running around like you have been and still making time to write all this.


  7. So happy that you’re back, Sheela! Wow SO much has happened! I am happy to hear that your sweet Eve is doing well at college.

    Thanks for updating us on your life! Looking forward to all that you have in store! You’re also looking SUPER FIT!


  8. I’m sorry to hear about all of these unfortunate incidents, but really, I’m sure your readers including me are very glad you and your family are safe and sound. It sounds like you all had a lovely vacation though, can’t wait to read more about it in your future posts =)

    I bet you miss Eve tremendously! I’m glad she is enjoying university (nope, can’t say college, unless it is literally a college and not a uni). My uni years were such an adventure, I hope hers will be a good one too!


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