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What Glam Means To Me

Sheela | Sheela Writes

Being all chichi.

And dressed up to the nines.


Can I tell you a secret?

I hate the dressing up formally.  I really do.

Whenever the dresscode reads as Black Tie or Formal, I go just a lighter shade of pale.  And inwardly, I cringe.  Oh alright, on the outside as well.  There’s something about the notion of being all dolled up that really bothers me.  I haven’t quite put a finger on it but I suspect it has to do with the stereotypical perception of Formal = the colour Black.

You all know how much I loathe predictability.

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

Silver Grey Velvet Duster  (Boohoo) | Lace Bra (Poshmark) | Gym Tank (worn inside out, Firedaughter Clothing @ Etsy) | Black Capris (Herban Devi @ Etsy) | Fishnets (Halloween Spirit Store) | Swarovski Embellished Booties (Bakers) | Spiked Clutch (Betsey Johnson, thrifted) | Sunnies (Poshmark) | Lipstick (22 @ Kylie Cosmetics)


When I think Black Tie (or Formal), my mind immediately conjures up a room full of penguins and black blobs.  The latter being black blobs of dresses.  It just does.  And, of course, you could pose the argument that dressing up doesn’t necessarily need to be in the colour Black, and I would concur.  However, the point remains that 99.9% of the female population resorts to wearing black, in the form of a dress gown, 3/4 of the time, when the occasion calls for something formal.

I mean, why else would the abbreviation LBD ring an instant bell?

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

I’ve been guilty of that myself.

But I’ve also tried very hard to not wear black (here, here, here, and here) albeit I’m still wearing a dress in each of those posts.

So when it came to the tail-end of my capri collaboration (we’ve worn them athleisure style as well as ooh la la French Chic too) with Jodie and Eve, when the theme of Red Carpet Glam came up, I jumped at it.

Here was my chance to dress up, without wearing a dress.

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

Which then, naturally, led to a second conundrum.

How on earth does one make a pair of capris look worthy to strut the red carpet?

There’s a reason why capris are, in essence, regular pants cropped shorter aka for an informal silhouette.  Something less “stiff upper lip” and more “after work drinks“.  Isn’t that the epitome of all ironies?  That I’d find myself in in the position of needing to create a more glamorous feel to an item of clothing that was created specifically in the name of casual wear?

Sheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela WritesSheela | Sheela Writes

My first instinct was to go with sequins.  One of the first rules of after dark wear is, of course, bling be it in the form of jewellery or sequins.  And the second?  With thigh high boots.  Something with leather.  Eventually I ruled out both because I didn’t want to be predictable.

So, my friends, what you see before you is an outfit that came together approximately 15 minutes before my photographer Sofia came a-knocking on the door.  I think it looks rather pulled together (thankfully), don’t you?

And with that, dear ladies, this is how the five of us (Jodie and her ladies, Eve, and myself) set about creating our individual, unique interpretations of how to look all glammed up and spiffy whilst wearing capris.  What are your thoughts?

Eve, Teens (the world according to eve)

Eve | The World According To Eve

I love love this outfit.  The casual yet absolutely irrefutable glamour attached to wearing a ruffled red top, off one’s shoulders, is playful and chic, all at the one same time.  Would you believe that little red number is actually a one piece bathing suit?  Way to go, boo.

Sheela, 40s (sheela writes)

Throw in spikes.  Spicy red lipstick.  Supernova high heels.  Fishnets.  And a duster cardigan worth of Darth Vader.  Fait accompli.

Jodie, 50s (jodie’s touch of style)

Jodie | Jodie's Touch Of Style

So pretty and polished whilst remaining immensely down-to-reach and attainable.  I think I’ve finally found the perfect way to describe Jodie’s style.  Universally approachable with lovely nuances that keep her outfit fresh and now.

Nancy, 60s (jodie’s touch of style)

Nancy | Jodie's Touch Of Style

Never underestimate the power of a bared shoulder.  Or two.  Nor the undeniable appeal of black to channel mystique, sophistication, and, yes, glamour.

Charlotte, 70s (jodie’s touch of style)

Charlotte | Jodie's Touch Of Style

Here is a more pared down approach to red carpet glam that no less delightful and memorable.  That delicious sorbet-hued cardigan adds a perfect touch of lightness to Charlotte’s outfit.

So tell me, which of these would you wear?  Or, better yet, would YOU wear capris to an official affair?  Please do also join in the discussion and leave me a comment, because many most of my posts are inspired by what you say, how you feel, your thoughts.

Happy weekend, all!!!

Love, Sheela

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.





  1. Sheila (of Ephemera) says

    I adore your outfit (I would do something similar, owning a Darth-like duster in velvet as well), but all of these are awesome. Well done, Sheela!


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  3. Jodie says

    The funny thing is I was reading this on Saturday, and then BOOM, I got pulled away and never commented!!
    But I will admit that all three of these made me work…HARD!! Which is a good thing. Besides, I got a new pair of capris out of it too!!
    And did I tell you that you are incredible?? Totally incredible and hot. Fishnets under capris??? You have the best ideas around.
    Good luck tomorrow, and here’s to fast healing!!


  4. Oooh I love your duster! And that clutch! I know your post is all about the capris, but it’s that duster that’s caught my eye!

    Sadly, I’m petite so capris are not flattering for me and dusters are usually too long to wear. But isn’t that glamour? Something you aspire to that’s not suitable for everyday? You nailed it perfectly.


  5. You ladies are so chic and fabulous and ever so creative! I am loving the fish nets under the capris with those killer booties. And the duster jacket is supreme! Well done, as always, my friend. And always inspiring me to be unpredictable as well! Thank you.



  6. Capris are indeed tricky to style, but you ladies had done a marvellous job. I think I would love to try out your idea of fishnets and duster as I love the drama they create together. I’m guilty of pigeon-holing capris as casual wear and therefore love your luxurious handling of them Sheela. Running a close second has to be Eve with that stunning combination of red and gold – that packs a punch!

    Anna x


  7. You totally managed to dress up these capris in a not-so-usual way Sheela, although I will confess this cut has never been my favourite! I also love playing with my looks and rebelling every once in a while by adding unexpected touches to my outfits, I am sure it’s nothing very original, but it makes me enjoy the creative side of fashion much more 🙂 Hope you are having a great week, love

    Saida | She talks Glam


  8. Okay I so understand what you’re saying here. I love the idea of a girlboss pantsuit or even a gray dress or something just as fabulous when it comes to dressing up. I do have a LBD but I try to switch things up or add something unexpected to it because I don’t want to be one of those “blobs” 🙂 Love your whole look and that duster is really fabulous!



  9. alimackin2013 says

    Funny but this year I have been a black ban, not buying anything black. This was New Year’s Resolution. And for the most part I have been sticking to it. Yeah black tie can be predictable. But this look is great. With black and white you can never go wrong and I love this love cardigan.

    Allie of ALLIENYC


  10. I am impressed that this outfit was put together in 15 minutes. It seriously looks so well put-together! If I were to put an outfit in the same amount of time, i would just be wearing leggings and a tee!



  11. I am not really a fan of dressing up formally either. I am always out of place because I end up adding some sort of casual touch XD. I’m not a fan of wearing black either. I am more of a colorful person. Love how all of these ladies are rocking their outfit!



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