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The Short Story

Vertically challenged me

In all my 60 inch splendour


Here’s the thing.

I never thought of myself as being short until I came to live in the States.  Up until then, I considered myself average.  That came to a screeching halt in 2007.  All of a sudden, 5 feet nothing seemed like, well, nothing.

It was quite funny, actually.

If I was walking down the hallways of Eve’s middle school, I’d very often be mistaken for a student.  From the back, of course.  I mean, no matter the power of (youthful, seemingly age-defying) Asian genes, one can only look that much younger when viewed from the front (it’s like gazing into a mirror with 5x amplification, very humbling).

Victorian White Lace Blouse & Distressed Denim Shorts (both H&M in Kuching) | Sunnies (Poshmark) | Spiked Blush Booties (Shoe Ocean) | Lipstick (22 @ Kylie Cosmetics)

Help was is always required when grocery shopping because, you know, the good stuff would invariably be placed on top shelves.

And public seats would always require some form of a foot step, you know.

Or a wee hop, skip, jump.

When it came to clothes, however, I was perfectly pleased to shop in the little miss department of Target and, yes, even Walmart because that was where the Olsen Twins first started selling their line of clothing.  Because let’s face it, even back then, they had stellar style.

Faux fur coats.  Sequinned patches on jeans.  Embellished knee high boots.  The most jaunty of animal print accessories.  Heavenly trims and bling and everything including the kitchen sink, done up tastefully, stylishly, and, above all, with a pinch of humour.


And since we’re being honest, there wasn’t anything too appealing hanging on racks in the women’s department at the time anyway.  Not for me.

Everything was either too frumpy.

Or too girly kiddish.

Clothes for grown-ass women veered towards being cute instead of empowering.  And that was something I could neither comprehend nor embrace.   But that’s a story for an entirely different setting.  Today, I’m playing on the word, “short“, and why wearing shorts has never been my thing.  Until lately.

Summer, to be precise.  When Eve cajoled (that’s putting it mildly, to be honest, essentially, she nagged and nagged and nagged, love you, boo!!!) me into purchasing my first ever pair of shorts from H&M while we were vacationing in Kuching.

Denim.  Cutoffs.  With distressed bits to boot.  And although it took four trips (and three returns/exchanges but hey, who’s counting?), I found my dream pair, which you now see before you, in its mid wash, low rise glory.  Paired with the prettiest white lace blouse ever.

I do apologise that this post lacks my usual from-the-heart-sharing theme but as I’ve just gone through rotator cuff surgery of the right shoulder (a week ago), finger typing is my MO for the time being, and it’s tiring to finger type a super long story.

And being right hand dominant for the most part, my greatest challenges have been to (1) draw my brows decently; and (2) apply mascara without poking my eyes (too often).

Do bear with me?  I have another three weeks of jail sling time to go.


Love, Sheela

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

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  1. Jodie says

    The funny thing about being short, is you don’t feel any different on the inside, right? I never even think about my height until other’s mention it. And it really was quite surprising to many of my patients, because they would be sitting down when I came into examine them, so they wouldn’t realize my height unless we stood up together!!!
    As for the shorts as clothing—it’s only right and just that you show off those fabulous legs that you’ve been working so hard on with your workouts!! I think you’re finally inspiring me to get off my backend and be physical again!!
    Heal well, and love you lots!!
    ps..I didn’t mention those incredible decorations on your feet……LOVE!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with Jodie! Those legs need to be shown. My partner is two metres. He never had problems with that, it were others who needed to say something about it.


  3. shelbeeontheedge1 says

    A grat pair of cut off distressed denim shorts should never be underestimated…just as a five foot nothing powerhouse such as yourself should never be underestimated! You are rocking those shorts, my friend, with your fabulously amazing legs! Do not hide them away any longer! They should, must, and will be seen and admired by many! I hope you are healing nicely (rotator cuff surgery is no fun at all)!

    Hugs to you.



  4. Seriously loving everything about this look. Oh, that beautiful white top is perfect with your fab distressed shorts. You have perfectly toned legs and should show them proudly and more often. I am an inch and a half taller than you, which is something I rarely have an opportunity to say to anyone. 😉 I never realize how short I am until I see photos with others and even in my heels am still the shortest…


  5. stinedurfdl says

    So very much fabulousness packed into a small package! Those are some killer gams babe…I definitely think you need to start beefing up your shorts collection. Take care and rest…my husband had rotator cuff surgery & it was rough. Hugs my beautiful friend!


  6. annkrembs says

    These shorts are the bomb-diggity-bomb on you! I love them, and you look so damn good in them girl! Yay to jean shorts!! You already know they are my staple. Looks they’re bound to become yours as well.

    Go Sheela!

    Love, Annie


  7. I can completely relate to you. I’m 5’2 (on a really good day) and struggle so much with finding clothes that aren’t too little girl cutesy. I’m loving this look on you, your legs look endless!


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