Looking inward.

Reassessing ourselves.


Now, self-examination does not necessarily lead to life balance or acceptance from others, I’ve found.  It does, however, lead to liberation and authenticity.  I say this with conviction because I’ve invested in a lot of self-examination, of late.  A lot.

Without self-examination, I’ve noticed that these things tend to happen:-

–  I seek comfort over greatness
–  I choose safety over risk
–  I embrace reassurance over authenticity
–  I prefer the predictable over the unknown
–  and I opt to take the well worn path over forging my own

Self-examination is a process of re-framing and refining how we see ourselves and the world.  It is a deep scrutiny of our beliefs, motives, relationships, triggers, wounds, purpose, feelings, thoughts, and actions.

And in the process, often we uncover something has to change so we can feel a greater sense of alignment between the life we are living and the life our soul wants to be living.

It might be the desire to change a relationship, a career or a habit.

Or the need to stop doing something or start doing something.

Self-expression may be calling your name as you venture into exploring your creativity and learn to sing, paint, dance.

You may be called find a mantra, explore a good book, or commune with nature.

You may start a non-profit, go on an adventure, or start a blog (hey).

In choosing self-examination, we are choosing to be in a conscious relationship with our soul.

Once you uncover the direction your soul wants to move, in there is a process of allowing what is no longer authentic to end, thus creating space for what is currently authentic to begin  (yes, I’ve come to realise that authenticity is a moving target, goddamnit).

As we migrate closer to the soul, we must trust that we will survive the time between our old world dying, and the birth of a brand new world us.

It can be a precarious transition, yes, one often accompanied by loneliness, confusion and grief.

And it is indeed sorely tempting to revive the old world, but if we are patient, we stand true to ourselves, and continue to connect to the world we want to belong to, then it will emerge.  I know it will.

One small step towards the life we want to be living is what will move us from where we are here and now, to where we want to be.


It is the only way to find our way home.

Love, Sheela

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4 Replies to “Self-Examination”

  1. Great post! I believe that when you are born, that is the basic you! All our lives we work on ourselves and lezen, until the end! And the you are who you wanted to be your whole LIFE!


  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! To all of this. Self-examination needs to be a lifelong activity, in my opinion not only to find our authentic selves but to never lose sight of them either…because, as you said, authenticity is indeed a moving target. It can be so illusive and if we get distracted for a split second it can disappear. But finding it and holding on to it and doing our best to not compromise it that is where true greatness lies! Another great post, my friend, and that graphic tank top is spot on!



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