Day: 11 Dec, 2017

I Friend You | Sheela Writes

I Friend You

I don’t like socialising very much You see, I’m not a people person at all   Even from an early age (as in 5 years old), I was never very comfortable around people.  It mattered not one iota if they were older or if they were my peers, I’ve always only felt awkward.  An oddity on display that was sized up, assessed, and found wanting at rapid fire speed.  Note, of course, that much of this existed solely in my head, and that the people in my vicinity were, in truth, normal and nice, and completely sans nefarious intentions. Naturally, I gravitated towards the world wide web when it became the zeitgeist of friend-making.  I mean, that’s how the man and I first met, online. No muss, no fuss. Z E R O H A S S L E You never had to meet in person (especially if they’re on the opposite end of the world, which makes for very interesting cultural comparisons), and when the cravings for solo time hit, you only had to …